The dish may be empty, but at least there’s a floor to sit on.

The essence of existentialism, as I understand it is despair that the food dish will be forever empty.

Be alert!

July 22, 2014

Retromatic photo filter app was free yesterday. I had just drawn the cat and dropped it in. It’s an old jokey pun I heard as a kid that thought was funny. Still think it’s funny. That just shows you.

When he’s not resting on my chest, he does pose beautifully.

From my sisters trip blog: Cotogne Torre:

I was a little disappointed with Raphael’s house. I was expecting it to be, well, a little more…. “Manger like”; you-know: humble; east-of-adelaide; poor kid makes a name for himself kind-of-place. Instead, it looks like his parents were doing alright and could easily afford to send their kid to art school. I expected a “struggling atmosphere.” Curious though it may be, I didn’t pay the fee to see the “Birthing room”, that seemed a little far fetched to me, instead, I persevered up the incredibly steep hill to the statue and park in his honour. If you ever come to Urbino, just ask for a copy of my pictures, don’t actually walk up this hill yourself. It is like scaling the side of a 10 story building without your spiderman outfit.


There are a few previous posts which were automated with IFTTT from the iPad. There isn’t quite enough precision or interaction with those. I can’t set a new title, and the shortcode to set the size, other than the default original huge size can be set only in the caption field in IFTTT for the image, so it shows in the caption.

I had thought that it might be a way to spread the sharing out. It is too constrained by the automation. It works for Twitter, because it posts the image in the tweet. Which is an improvement over the auto tweet from here, which posts, of course, a link to the post.

All that aside, I do like the idea of posting progress images, when they happen. As such, this is one. You know you have to leave an image alone for a while till it says it is complete. Sometimes it needs just a touch more to complete the story. The swirlies, I think, connect this together.


abstract spotted striped cat

Tips & Tricks: Why do cats purr?.

I should also share what my daughter is up to this summer as well. Once again, a team of Canadian Scouts is taking on another international aid adventure, this year, the Peru International Development Project, cleaning up and refurbishing a schoolyard playground.

Tuxedo cat dozing

July 16, 2014

tuxedo cat reclines

samu press store _ cartoon life blog _ samu press blog

My sister’s continued perigrinations around some lesser known but precious sites in Italy, and a food adventure at this farmhouse tourist destination are where my mind is at today.

Rapid blue dreams

July 15, 2014

cat shaped against blue
Another image found scrounged up out of Procreate. Dumped a lot of things out of Procreate to free up some iPad memory. Found some things.


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