I don’t know this it is that this ant decided was very precious and valuable, but it and it alone hauled it a great distance.


Today’s head

August 2, 2014

Weather? Concussion residue? Seizure leftovers? Anyway I hate it.

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Richard Thompson cartoonist recently of Cul De Sac fame – and a career of illustration and Richards Poor Almanac has an online store at Zazzle. It is worthy of your attention.

Cat and the Fiddle Card
Cat and the Fiddle Card by Thompsoniana

Hot orange variation

August 1, 2014


That cat shape again.

July 31, 2014


Just a regular guy

July 31, 2014

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Not Walking Woman

July 30, 2014

I drew this vector cat shape in response to formalising the plump long haired cat drawing which shows up sometimes, and simply experimenting with iDraw app on the iPad. I thought I. Might use it as a container for textures and shapes, using it as a mask or shape in other apps. Micheal Snow. Just to mention the name. One of his themes was The Walking Woman which he used in various media. So this isn’t Walking Woman. But it might be like a pattern or mask for filling with other ideas.

Bird. Belly. Night.

July 29, 2014


Photo bombing the floor

July 28, 2014

You wanted to take a picture of the dirt didn’t you well ha ha ha.

Out of the blue, totally unexpected and not predicted or predicated by anything, I had a bicycle accident yesterday. Apparently I had a seizure while riding and just fell over. Some scrapes and pains. Slight concussion from the fall. Otherwise I’m fine. Auto posts will continue for the rest of the week.

I find myself overly susceptible to volatile oils as I get more ancient day to day.

About that floor thing

July 25, 2014

What am ? A dust bunny?


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