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April 9, 2014


“I never made such a gesture.” responds Pierre Poutine, in response to critics of the so-called “Fair Elections Act”.





While on the bus to UWO, overhearing two young guys talking law, professors…where they want to practice…and of course bus service in London and why it sucks. Basically why it’s abysmal and a disincentive to stay in the city, how London is built around cars.

“Is no Franche”

March 30, 2014

The door to the Villa Vauquelin

We had the great delight to be able to stay in a small apartment in Paris for just a few days, down some maze-like streets a short walk away from Le Mouffetard. I went by one evening to buy a couple of bottles of wine from a shop there, open to the street with cases of wine spilling out into the road.

I asked the older woman – I say that relatively, because I was also merely a few days from my own 60th birthday, and I say older, because she was clearly the Dame Superieur of the shop – for a Pino Grigio as my wife had asked for a white wine, and I knew she preferred that grape.

“Is no’ Franche.” She wrinkled her nose, patiently gestured, and picked out a Pinot Gris. So, typically, obviously a tourist, I continued. I explained that I preferred the reds from Spain. Did she have anything like that?

“Is no’ Franche.” She replied. It was clear to her that I didn’t understand the subtle message that this shop sold French wines. She gestured and picked out a red from her shelves.

Yo no puedo mas D'agilis

Always take her recommendations, is my recommendation.

I googled and found the wine. It was a wonderful wine. But the point is, you can make breakfast with eggs and day old croissants. Slice down through the top with a sharp knife to make a few slots. Put a couple of them in a shallow bowl and crack an egg over each. Grind fresh ground pepper. Let it soak and pop the two croissants into a hot frying pan. Cook. Flip. Cook. Flip. Serve with maple syrup.

I call it, “Is no’ Franche toast.” I Googled ‘egg and croissant’. Couldn’t find anything quite like this.


Discovering that Paper is great for quick choices without a lot of forethought about how things are going to be done. Still, Procreate is vaster, subtler and with more options. I do like the brushes and layers. I wouldn’t ask, or ever expect Paper to go anywhere near those capabilities.


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