I should also share what my daughter is up to this summer as well. Once again, a team of Canadian Scouts is taking on another international aid adventure, this year, theĀ Peru International Development Project, cleaning up and refurbishing a schoolyard playground.

Tuxedo cat dozing

July 16, 2014

tuxedo cat reclines

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My sister’s continued perigrinations around some lesser known but precious sites in Italy, and a food adventure at this farmhouse tourist destination are where my mind is at today.

This iPad has been displaying some odd problems with apps crashing, it seems, when they try to access memory, for instance Sketches app when saving, ScannerPro just after it takes the picture, when it frames it up. Paper too, when browsing through books of drawings.

I’ve been dropping into the app switcher mode to close apps thinking that maybe one of those is at fault somehow. Nothing consistent yet.

I understand the average user has 24 apps. 24 apps… Only on average 24 apps installed and maybe regularly uses a half a dozen….

I swiped up to close 61 apps.

61 apps.

And then ScannerPro saved the scan.

I have six screens of apps.

Rapid blue dreams

July 15, 2014

cat shaped against blue
Another image found scrounged up out of Procreate. Dumped a lot of things out of Procreate to free up some iPad memory. Found some things.


Portrait of Rocco

July 12, 2014

@ClaudiaHajian at Museworthy tweeted about a new feral Tom visiting her garden. Cats will tell you their own name if you listen. He whispered, ‘Rocco’.




Aerodynamic cat asleep

July 8, 2014


Cat with head in blue

July 7, 2014




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