black cat washing

August 16, 2014

Made With Paper


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Blue Vase

August 15, 2014


On the climate

August 15, 2014

The rain

August 14, 2014

Paper by 53 to Waterlogue to Sketches app.


Trying out an IFTTT post mechanism. I love being able to post directly to a number of services all at the same time directly from the apps on the iPad. WordPress has no API for this. So it’s a two or three step process to put material here. Petty, but annoying. And here, IFTT isn’t sensitive enough to let me configure more carefully what is to appear here based on the Tumblr (or Twitter?) post. And the Tumblr post from Paper requires going into a couple of dialogs not on the top level of the interface to adjust text.
Fresh and fast will always go up on Tumblr first. Something that requires a bit of work and attention will be later here and on Google+

What does it mean?

August 13, 2014


Belly up

August 12, 2014



August 11, 2014


Cat and moon

August 9, 2014

Only recently been interested in drawing again.

Forlorn cat

August 8, 2014

Whatever comes up, comes up. CT Scan clean. EEG clean. MRI today. Blood work excellent. Cholesterol low to non-existent. No risk of diabetes. My weight and condition is very good, aside for someone turning 61 years old today.

The drawing around the eyes, the shape of them in this cat suggested some sadness and self-absorbed consideration. It is also the first drawing coming out of a week of lassitude and puzzlement.

I don’t know this it is that this ant decided was very precious and valuable, but it and it alone hauled it a great distance.


Today’s head

August 2, 2014

Weather? Concussion residue? Seizure leftovers? Anyway I hate it.

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