Just say no to 0%

March 27, 2013

There’s a thread of an idea around this city that every incumbent city councillor needs disposal in the next election. Well, there are a few good ones, and there are some who need removal. The whole ‘throw them all out’ idea needs some sound second thought.

This is my contribution to that.

66 ThanQs

December 7, 2011

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23273/66%20ThanQs.pdf will give you a 30 meg download of  this PDF book of a selected set of Qs for the Jian in London Campaign

https://picasaweb.google.com/107162781169108803437/QsForQCampaign is 74 Q images inspired by contributing to this campaign.

A queue of Qs in London

November 27, 2011

Some folks have started a media and Twitter campaign to bring the CBC show Q, and radio host Jian Gomeshi to London to do a broadcast. I thought I would make a bunch of Qs on my iPad and post them to the #jianinldnont twitter stream.

I had intended that I would create an image, tweet it and delete it. Some drawing apps have direct to Twitter connections. Otherwise the process required exporting to iPhoto app and tweeting from there. Well, of course photo stream caught every new import and backed them up anyway. Then iPhoto app starts to balk at connecting to Twitter – other apps connected just fine. Maybe Twitter, or the photo service decided I was spamming? Who knows. So now I pull the images from photo stream and have to tweet them from my Mac.

@3oh6 view full profile → decided to collect them to a Flikr stream. So i am now also sending them to mine, and sharing them with Bring Q to London Ontario! So, ironically, I have to back them up in order to share them.

Use these images freely.

Update December 7:  https://picasaweb.google.com/107162781169108803437/QsForQCampaign is 74 Q images inspired by contributing to this campaign. I’m certain ?) all the images are still on Flikr, but only 44 are displaying.

Call The Office (York Hotel) as historical centre for London artists.

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cartoon life dougsamu.wordpress.com

The Ed Blake Park Report

August 12, 2009

Ed Blake cover
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A long-lost painting, likely by long dead London artist Paul Peel, was unveiled this month at Museum London. Now, long lost originals have been showing up out from under everyone’s bed

Cull or be culled

June 19, 2009

Yes! The city is in safe hands!

This oughtta’ fix up Storybook Gardens!


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