everest and the toenail

November 2, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of blogs about Nepal, but this is one of the very best: http://everestandthetoenail.wordpress.com/

BTW, Marc J. is posting some really good pictures.

The Levitating Monk

August 27, 2011

Magician Dan White travels to Nepal to learn some of the magical secrets of the Mysterious East. Beautiful exotic landscapes. Folkloric story elements with people fooling each other over power, mystery, magic and  illusion. Completely unbelievable, as the narrator ironically speaks – for he is a professional magician – yet still completely delightful.

Certainly you could watch this only for the flavour of the selected views of easily accessible Bhaktapur, and the romantic colour of the mountains and trails and be still very well entertained. The story elements are extra, and just too much fun. Lamont Cranston would be proud.

Discovery Channel’s “The Supernaturalist” is Super Stupid at The Skeptical Teacher has opinions.

“Nepal” is a tag in my tag surfer. I do like hearing about the place. Just walking about the streets is magical. Some of that happens here:

A Day off About twenty days (hard to believe) since I landed,  nearly a quarter of the time has gone by. I spent a lot of time doing the administrative work to get my program off the ground, and have really had only a few  days "off" – Saturday being one of them.  Even then I picked up some photocopying. Tomorrow begins a six-day marathon. Gird about my loins with strength O Lord! Took a microbus to Ratna Park for 15 hrs, pleasant little ride and … Read More

via Kathmandu Critical Care 2011

His book, Hospital at the End of the World
Joe’s YouTube page

Nepal Hills painting

August 13, 2010

painting of nepal hill rainstorm

I’m ready to sign this one.

Just moments ago we received an email from Narayan Chitrikar, the Thangka artist living in Bhaktapur, who is visiting his children in Michigan. He included this photo of the great chariot rolled out for Bisket Jatra. Sunny’s Guest house is to the left of this great temple in the background. The wheels for the chariot were stored across the road from the guest house, just behind the temple. Happy New Year 2065!




Expect amazing pictures and touching stories. 

Nepal in Time photo essay

February 1, 2008

Here is that five tiered roofed temple again in a Time Photo Essay.

5 tiered roof temple
The sloping road says it is outside of the main part of old Bhaktapur, and the definite lack of cars and motorbikes says it is still inside the old historic city. Compare to: 

Baraka. Images from Nepal

January 31, 2008

Nepal keeps popping up as a topic here. This site, Spirit of Baraka features still shots from Baraka – a film by Ron Fricke. Here, an image from Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square. In the background, the Siddhi Lakshmi with the guardian statues; in the foreground left Vatsala Durga with the “gate” on one corner of the step.


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