August 23, 2012

Cool air on my head. It felt good. Gliding along on the wheels. The bike path ends at the bridge. I always ride up the last driveway to cross the bridge on the sidewalk. Take the previous driveway. It’s a change. There’ll be a little bit of exciting terrain on the boulevard, the grass, before the smooth sidewalk again.
A groove. A gap. A shoulder. A ledge. Sidewalk is higher than the grass. A very sharp shelf edge. It’s going to trap my wheels. Always wear your helmet, kids.

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Ocean Views eBook

April 19, 2012

The Ocean Views eBook can be downloaded directly from here.

It seems to be stalled stubbornly under review, so may not be available through the iTunes book store. Once you have the download completed, drag the file onto iTunes, then sync your iPad. If you are viewing this post from an iPad, it will download directly.

The objection—repeated boilerplate—from review staff is that:

“Books must be of sufficient length or functionality. We encourage you to review your book concept and evaluate whether you can incorporate functionality, content, or both to enhance the user experience.”

Should any of you choose to download and look through this eBook, I would appreciate any feedback on what I could do to meet the guidelines.

UPDATE April 20 7 pm. As CaptnKrunch pointed out in the Apple discussion forums, the book was displaying basically nothing when the iPad was turned to portrait mode. The link above goes to the presumably correct version. I have uploaded a corrected version to the iTunes store, and, well, we’ll see in about a week.

Aside from that, the boilerplate error message is quite non-helpful. Kind of like saying, “There’s a crooked blade of grass in that baseball field over there. Do you have a bulldozer?”

Update April 23 10:25 PM Yes, that was the problem. Book should be in the stores any time now.

Update May 8 2012 Thank you for submitting your request to update your content. Your change request has been denied.


Are there no hints? Suggestions? Guidelines?

Update May 24 2012 Alas:

Books must be of sufficient length or functionality. We encourage you to review your book concept and evaluate whether you can incorporate functionality, content, or both to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, books must not be intended for distribution to a limited audience (e.g., an organization or a family). For information on how to distribute your book outside the iBookstore, see the iBooks Author: Publishing and distribution FAQ (

Use the Dropbox download link.

Buddha painting in progress II

September 23, 2011

Just doesn’t work for me. Probably some interesting stuff in the field around the figure. Hold up your fingers to block it out. It starts to work then.

Cash is poison

December 1, 2010

12:26 PM
This is so stupid.

Apparently I need ID to change rolls of coins to bills. So, as I have to give ID, I’ll make the deposit with the teller rather than the machine. I provide the ID, the bank machine card and the account number and information.

Well, apparently I can’t make a deposit of cheques made out to me to someone else’s account. So I take the bills, and go to the machine and make the deposit anyway.

See how the oil spill in the gulf would look over your hometown. Here it is imposed over London Ontario.

via In Perspective: Visualizing the BP Oil Disaster.

watch listen heed

May 25, 2010

I don’t reblog much…

The phone rings.
“Hello! This is the CIBC from Toronto!” says the automated recording. “Please wait for the next available operator.”
Oh. And I am supposed to feel what? Special? because you’re calling from Toronto? And it’s an automated call? And you don’t even know who I am? Just the next name on the autodial list?
Oh! Hello? I am a Nigerian prince.
Hang up.


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