It’s a world of dots out there!

In the What do Cats See series.

I’ve been playing with brushes in Procreate, and indulging my writers block, by just make a mark, any mark and see what happens mode, also. So there will be a string of unusual images over the next weeks.


Zenbrush cat with engraving filter


Zenbrush cat


5 Minutes of your time

Things do move. Really.

A journey


A rainstorm


Another rain drawing

Surrendering to Zen Brush app Sumi style storms.

Colourful black cat

Then it became a sunny day.

Zen brush rain cloud.

That was a heckuva storm.

Hot dog!

Fooling around with brushes in Procreate, saying yes to whatever stupid idea comes along.

Red field

I don’t know what these things mean. I just draw ’em.

Nuclear war singalong

Nice line, buddy!

Loving the line quality from this Procreate customized brush I created.

Worn inker bleedy

Planet Nibiru coming out of the depths of space to destroy the world.

From the beach, Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands

Our last day we walk up the beach along the North Sea. This is remarkable colour-wise, for drawing on a sunny day outside when the screen is quite hard to see, and you guess at the colour on the palette.