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May 21, 2015

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Advice to the girl riding her bike along Windsor Ave this afternoon.

Do up your helmet strap. It won’t protect your brain from a concussion if it isn’t on your head. 

Slow down. You’re riding on the sidewalk. Doh.

The largest proportion of cycling accidents happen at intersections. I see cars slow roll through that stop sign all the time. 

Speaking of intersections, every driveway you scooted by is an intersection. A cyclist speeding along the sidewalk is the last thing a driver is looking for.

In a fight between flesh and steel, flesh always loses.

Nine cats

May 16, 2015

Some fooling around with Papers new tools. Here, the earth poses for and ponders a question.

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Trying out the collection feature at G+. It seemed like a good place to gather a bunch of cat art drawings in one place.

First drawing in a few weeks.

purry lump cat purrs

April 23, 2015

Rather than keeping this boy on my chest and face, where he prefers to sleep, we’ve come to an arrangement where he stretches out along my chest, on my arm against the wall of the couch. He makes this long strange sausage shape.

Barbara: Triangle and shadow

Barbara: Triangle and shadow

Barbara: The arm

Barbara: The arm

It’s not my usual habit to post a Mix from Paper by 53 here. Doodlinby posted the frames. Someone posted some watercolour spots in the frames. This seemed the next obvious choice.


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