Another power outage solution. Draw something.


What to do when the power fails

Lost Tumblr found!


Stumbled on my lost Samupress Tumblr at Wayback Machine

Just an ordinary Tumblr, really. Typically the reposts and likes are interesting though.

Ministers of the faith #11

These goofy drawings seem to come out of fooling about with some new tool in some new app. Test the tool, see what kind of marks it makes, scribble something else on the page and just follow along. I don’t direct them at all. After a while I just trace over what hasn’t been drawn on the page yet.

This was scrawled in Linea, an app I’ve had on the iPad since forever.

“At Least 22 Cats” book arrives

cat and book
Seriously? Dude, I’m trying to take a nap here!

The newest book arrived today, and it needs to go through numbering and signing of the 20 book limited edition run and mailing a copy to Libraries Canada. I want to save the release for TingFest, approaching fast from from April 17 to May 5, 2018!


His mind has always been free


So many of the images I’ve seen about the death of Stephen Hawking are basically about the wheelchair, and how now his body is free. I think it’s a bit of low hanging fruit really, compassionate, easy to grasp, literal, christian imagery. I think they all miss a deeper point, that his mind has always been free.

I was reminded of this image, an older cartoon of mine from 2013.

Trump and Kim Jong to talk.

It’s the age of Big Hair Diplomacy

My kind of snowblower. Tesla should make these.


Yes, I have been busy with LondOntLife, clearing snow from sidewalks, and neglectful of this blog.

How I’m seeing nowadays

Seriously, the head cold and the cough rattle your eyeballs.


Colour in a black cat

Still looking to find colour in a black cat, when I have the occasion.

Today’s nap

Settling in for nap

Old man cat reflecting on his childhood

Cat with jacket

I tried a more careful drawing system, knocking in grey tones, and going in both directions. Results look about the same as a more direct approach.