Lemon Aid.

Mistake! Loaded a reference photo and drew on another layer not realizing it screwed up the size and pixel density making the inking fuzzy from resizing. Should have loaded a page then added the reference. Also I could have resized the ink and copied over it for sharper lines. Live and learn.


Thieving Bastards

The View from Oxford & Maitland

Theft as defined by Merriam-Webster
: the act of stealing
specifically : the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it
: an unlawful taking (as by embezzlement or burglary) of property

I’m livid these days when the topic of theft comes up and lately, its been multiple times a day. No, I’ve not been the victim of theft lately, but I’m seeing many others are. This completely selfish act is causing victims of theft to feel violated, angry and empty.

According to the London Police Service’s 2018 Annual Report (https://www.londonpolice.ca/en/about/resources/2018-Annual-Report/Annual-report-2019-06-11.pdf), there were 13,731 incidents that involved theft. This is an increase of 6.4% over 2017. This number includes break and enters, motor vehicle thefts and robberies. That’s almost 38 incidents each and every day.


This map shows a significant amount of criminal activity in London….in the last 30 days!…

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Botie, Yamnaya, then a few centuries later, a grandfather in Italy.

The Nature of Things – Equus: The Story of the Horse – First Riders https://gem.cbc.ca/share/episode/38e815a-010b367336d

Theres only one taxpayer is not ideology, it’s math!

The chant “There’s only one taxpayer!” has come to mean “Me”, and, “Stop taking my money”. When Doug Ford says it, he means him, not you. When you say it, it means you, not someone else.

Let’s not forget it was some kind of “common-sense” wisdom started by those who wanted lower taxes and a trickle-down economy where those who no longer paid taxes would invest in jobs for others. Like that ever happened. The phrase has both lost its meaning and means what the farmer wants it to mean. It’s nonsense now.

And there isn’t only “one taxpayer!”. There are hundreds of thousands who share the costs of services. Bulk purchases are always less expensive. That’s math.

Some of those who chant “There’s only one taxpayer!” have money. Some don’t. They are, however, all of them citizens who benefit from expenditures.

When Ford slashes government income – your taxes – by cutting taxes, a service cost shared between hundreds become your expense now. Try filling those potholes on your own.

A government which has no income, and no expenditures can balance a budget. Zero in = zero out. That’s math.

Hold up your end of the bargain. Take your tiny tax cut and start creating jobs already. Like that’s going to happen.

The return of the King.

The daughter has returned home from University for the summer. We are settling into restoring a bedroom long become a closet for large things.

Beneath the bed, in detritus of years, lay the King.

Where do the lost socks go? Mysteriously they disappear from the wash and laundry cycle. Or maybe there is another tale.

The King, the prodigal King has returned. He remains silent about his adventures, but I am sure they were amazing. So many years, so many lost and lonely socks to rule over.

Bell Hell

Cancelled the landline phone. Now we have no third party internet.

Seems like Bell will have to come to replace the wire. Yes the physical wire belongs to Bell. And what are they replacing the physical cable with? A physical cable. Only this physical cable belongs to Teksavvy.

And Bell will do the replacement of one cable with another cable.

Think of the children

Tim. Apple. Cook. Pie.

On the river

I walk over the Thames south branch bridge on Wellington Road. This tree has been there for quite a few weeks. The colour and feel was right today.

TheZazzle store plugs along

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 8.40.49 PM


Yes, it’s been a while since I added any products. Once a year they drop $50 bucks into my Paypal account, so I really can’t complain. And I have been busy with a shift in emphasis towards Londontlife. I’m not so certain that the editorial cartoons have a wide enough international audience to drop onto a mug here, but I do consider it from time to time. That said, should anyone want a one-off mug with an original Londontlife cartoon on it, hit me up.

I appreciate that some of the more odd and offbeat item images are selling. My, honestly, very dry, wry sarcasm doesn’t market that well. :-)

The thing is, I don’t think anyone wants to see this vile man:


… on thier coffee cup everyday. But what do I know.


Doug Ford This.

On Predictions


I modified my Procreate brushes collections into Fave Inkers, Fave Sketch, Fave Paint, etc. I also realized I could set contained size ranges for various brushes. So I have  for lettering now, Script 1 to 5, Script 4 to 15, and the original fat Script in my Fave Lettering set.

You know when you switch brushes by clicking on the set, the already selected brush becomes the brush. D’oh. So instead of having one collection of Faves where you would have to scroll through and find the next one, each Faves set now has maybe six brushes I want to use, and the last selected one is always active.

I was using Comic Draw app for lettering. I still prefer handwritten as it keeps the style consistent, and likely I will do so going forward for smaller panel cartoons like this one. My handwriting has always been terrible and my hands cramp when I letter.

And I discovered Affinity Photo has Callout Ellipse and Callout Rectangles shapes … which are … word balloons!

Doug Putin

Cartoons on LondOntLife are are shared based on a premise that people will maybe use and remix them. Here I rework the drawing, running the drawing through Inkwork. I do that sometimes just to see what variety it produces. Then popped back into Procreate for some painting.

Here, our Provincial Primier poses, displaying his competitive autocrat true self, now that he has a place on the world stage. Hopefully a short 15 minutes of fame.

Easy to taste Art History with Waldemar

I am intensely enjoying Waldemar Januszczak‘s art history episodes on YouTube. I started with https://youtu.be/M4o1dc41r28 , his Dark Ages: An Age of Light, and YouTube rounded up https://youtu.be/M4o1dc41r28 Baroque: From St Peter’s to St Paul’s. There seem to be quite few. more.

Having completed a binge watch of Tony Robinsons’s Time Team, Wladimir is a delightful find.

The Wikipedia piece sums it up pretty well:

Januszczak has been described as “a passionate art lover, art critic and writer. His presentation style is casual but informed, enthusiastic, evocative and humorous. He bumbles about on our TV screens, doing for art what David Attenborough has done for the natural world,” and someone who acts out of “a refusal to present art as elitist in any way. He makes it utterly accessible and understandable.”[5]

All I know is he left the building.