Wonderful new Pencil arrived today.

Surprise surprise. Pencil with new stiffer tips showed up as promised. Below are some scribbles comparing used, new and old.







Calico flump

February 8, 2016

Our dear calico puts in an appearance once in a while. Here, she stopped creeping about long enough, before she noticed me looking at her, for me to capture her delightfully unformed flumpfy shape. Parts drawn from memory.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.16.34 PM

Building some books for Tingfest III 2016. I had to build the Londoner Comics book three times over memory issue crashes in Photos. :-) Three times today. My eyes hurt.


Rather than fill up space with 24 individual image posts over a month…. boring… here you can take a look at a large image gallery of art used for the set of 24 mugs in the Mad Pattern Cats collection.

Here is a warning for everyone from our archaeologically ancient forebearers. A footbone, a genuine, real, ancient footbone. And remarkably, it wasn’t found next to an anklebone. No sir, it was found planted firmly in the mouth bone.

Planet X remixes

January 29, 2016

Planet Nine.jpg

Federico Grassilli posts a drawing for others to remix as Planet X remixes.

In my newly begun campaign for the only appropriate name, simply “Nine”,  here is my contribution. Go see the others!

Old tuxedo’s wild dream

January 28, 2016

tumblr_o1j46xlhnb1v4puato1_1280There are some very nice apps. They all seem to be about 90% perfect.

The red in ZenBrush just wasn’t right. Too blood-like. The app needs more colour options. More like watercolour palletes: it can be limited. Zen Brush needs more colours, and I’d like an ink density about 80% black that leaves some transparency and can make black in two or three passes or pauses.

Auryn Ink could do with swiping a lot of ZenBrush’s abilities, interface, and very natural brushes. Just to give it a try again, I popped the image into Auryn Ink. It paints like gouache over background art, not transparent, and the brush as eraser is brutal.  Still Auryn filled in the background.

Then back to old faithful Procreate to slap in layers and textures. Dot texture from fooling around in iOrnament.

Just make a mark

January 26, 2016

Accept that it was the right mark and move along. Commit to it.

This reminds me of an exercise done in art, painting and drawing classes that I could never do. That one where you choose a mark, a brush and particular brushstroke and make the whole piece with just that. I could never do it. I look back on some recent stuff and see myself doing it, not consciously, but here I realized what I was doing. I always craved a bit more variety.

On the rocker.

January 25, 2016

Just another afternoon for this senior boy.

Some interim drawings were worked into a state of morbidity. I won’t pain you with them. Now, I see this one and wonder if I might delicately push something else onto it. Do I spot the eyes? Everytime I do,  you look at them and don’t see the drawing. They are an unfinished hunger now. I’ll leave them that way. And so you are drawn to the exxagerated beard, which is what drew me to the picture in the first place.

It was a pleasure working with you Mr Hans Holbein the Younger. I’m jealous of your little finger.

Here, Mr Holbein takes on some colour, being delicate and precise, as delicate and precise as I ever dare myself to be in pursuit of discipline and restraint is very hard work.

Seriously abstract cat

January 22, 2016

When I take of my recently new reading glasses, which focus the world, and shut down the part of my brain that wants to see sense in things, and draw in the breath of glancing at things before you figure out what they are, and seen through a slight astigmatic shortsightedness, things do look this partially whole. Then you make up the rest.

It’s so obvious

January 21, 2016

It shouldn’t even be a contest. How can we name it anything other than, “Nine”. Planet Nine from Outer Space.

Trying some (?) disciplined approach to using the pencil tool in Paper. A strongly featured face is so easy to get close, resemblance-wise, let alone indulge all your own seemingly insignificant eccentricities and casual sloppy habits.

What? Who? Me?

January 20, 2016

Something ages old from Procreate. I was testing some integration from Paper, as I do like the fat pen tool, but Procreate has some nice chalks and charcoals.

Returning to it, it looked more interesting than I remembered. A few more charcoal smudges and it’s not too bad.


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