The 100 cats ebook

100 cats an animal art eBook with more than 100 cat drawings for your Mac iPad.

From the Forward:

Here, then, are more than 100 cat drawings – a great variety of cat drawings, because my response seems to be about the capability of the materials. In short, I rarely do anything the same twice. Though I could – if asked nicely and given money. But that would be boring.

That could also explain why I have so many paint and draw apps. Anyone familiar with any of them will be able to pick them out as used here. Like cats, they are everywhere. They seem to go together.

Consider this a pleasant visit to your own cat art gallery.


100 cats is $0.99 at iTunes

100 cats is published by samu press in London, Ontario, Canada. Copyright doug rogers 2012.

The blog posts

100 cats is a collection of digital sketches and paintings created on an iPad in various painting and drawing apps. Many of the drawings were shown here in a series of blog posts. Preview the series of blog posts.

One Response to “100 cats”

  1. doug rogers Says:

    On July 1 2013 100 cats was updated with 40 new drawings, an animation and updated links.


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