Merle Tingley was a good, good cartoonist.

In the style of Ting.An old fashioned local-topic editorial cartoon done in the ‘old fashioned’ style. Can’t be serious all the time. For some reason, the idea felt very much like a Merle Tingley cartoon, so, as much as possible, I made it so. More than the others this one needs some context.From The Free Press March 27th

“You either support development in this city or you don’t. You either support jobs in this city or you don’t,” said Caranci, eliciting boos from some colleagues.

And from The Londoner

“CHAMBER RE-OPENS – The city council chambers, sealed shut last week when some tiny pieces of asbestos fell from the ceiling, have been re-opened. The stray bits have been cleaned up and cracks covered over. Longer term, however, the city will have to resolve how to remove asbestos completely from the 36-year-old City Hall building – an expensive process – or begin thinking about moving.”

…and from Philips piece on the 10-9 votes…

But there certainly is a disagreement about how much growth is reasonable and where that growth should occur – which are good questions in themselves.Nevertheless, let’s for simplicity in this piece – and with apologies – call the two factions pro-unlimited development and anti-unlimited development.There were two 10-9 votes Monday night; one went to the pro side, the other went to the anti’s. It’s hard to read the net effect, other than to say watch which way Mayor Ann Marie DeCicco-Best and especially rookie councillor Paul Hubert of Ward 8 are leaning. Right now they are the swing votes. A little bit of background about the two votes at the risk of muddling everything.

So, I will, someday, get around to posting some old Ting cartoons here.


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