The “energized cable” broke.

Power was cut in downtown London for nearly an hour in the afternoon of Monday May 7th when an “energized cable” broke, causing an explosion in a transformer vault under the London Life building.

05/18/07 update:

“We have about half-a-dozen calls about [this] cartoon from readers…. complaining (1) about the nudity; (2) about why we were ridiculing London Life workers; (3) making light of what could have been a serious situation.”

I’m laughing.

1) Wow. Manet still has bite. Extremely controversial a hundred years ago too.
2) Because every one thinks they themselves are important
3) I do think I exaggerated a bit, don’t you? And that is why it’s funny.

I was worried I was losing my sense of humour from being so tired, and that the Manet (Dejeuner sur l’herbe) picnic reference would be beyond people.