Jeff Healey

I looked forward to hearing his radio programs on the CBC. I enjoy the music of his favourite period fascination too, but he knew it inside out. Blind and with a cancer that made him so, dying from that cancer, but being alive to the joy in this music, to the life in his own music. You can hear a sample at . He started playing the guitar at 3 years old, holding it unconventionally across his lap. He formed his first band at 17. Dead at 41.

Tuesday; March 11, 2008 Dan at Cool Blog Name to Come posts an essay by a friend of Jeff Healy
 She writes:

I think one of my favourite concert memories was when we tagged along with Jeff for his show at the Ontario Place Forum. After the sound check, Jeff let it be known that he wanted to go and hang out for a while in the Children’s Village. Some of his handlers didn’t think it would be such a good idea because of the crowds. Well, the next thing we know is they have come to get us because they shut the Children’s Village down for an hour so Jeff and family and friends could go and play! No kidding, this really happened. It was quite a sight to see Jeff running through the boomers (that’s what I call those big pillow bags that hang by ropes . . . ), laughing and yelling and even falling over after getting walloped. When the hour was up we were escorted back to the venue and then Jeff went on stage to be the “rock star” for a while.