Blackwater idiots?

Military probes soldier’s death as colleagues say farewell

Master Cpl. Roberts and members of his battle group were engaged in an early morning firefight with the Taliban in a farming area south of an outpost off a main road running through the perilous Zhari district. A civilian convoy that was being escorted by the private security company passed along the road at the same time.

It is believed that the men guarding the convoy saw the Taliban, heard the shots and, not realizing it was a battle being waged between insurgents and coalition forces, fired into the fray. The Canadian troops on the ground suddenly realized they were being shot at from both directions.

In the confusion that ensued, Master Cpl. Roberts, who was riding in the turret of his armoured vehicle, was fatally wounded.

Update Monday; August 11, 2008: Nope. Compass Cowboys.


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