Towards a lean local government.

Leaner council urgedĀ 

Wed, September 10, 2008

Starting next week, the public will have an opportunity to discuss the plans of London’s governance task force


For example, ward boundary changes introduced by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2005 split certain communities, including Glen Cairn in southeast London, which straddles wards 1 and 14.

“They messed it up . . . and it didn’t make sense,” said Miller.Ward 14 Coun. Cheryl Miller said the task force recommendations don’t go far enough.

“The stupidity of this whole thing is that they are saying council needs to be smaller, but they’ve looked into getting rid of board of control and not into getting a smaller council,” said Miller, who wants a pie-shaped, five-ward system with two councillors per ward.

“This whole governance task force, I really don’t have any faith in it all,” Miller said.

London is Canada’s only city with a board of control, which acts as a finance and corporate-affairs committee.

In a 2003 referendum, 55 per cent of city voters favoured scrapping board of control, but council did not scrap it citing low voter turnout.

You were asked to participate, fought against providing input and now complain that they didn’t get it right.