Meeting the Ruggieros

May 3, 2009

Maria Grazia Taggio – our great grandmother, Great Uncle Leonardo Antonio on the left and Grandpa Ruggiero on the right, standing in front of the family farm.

Maria Grazia Taggio – my great grandmother, Great Uncle Leonardantonio on the left and Grandpa Giovanni Ruggiero on the right, standing in front of the family farm.

My sister is planning a trip to Italy, not just to, but in part, to meet relatives. She sent this photo just a few moments ago.

My daughter says her name would be so much more exciting as ‘Alanna Katarina Ruggiero’.

Update: Thursday, June 18, 2009:

Correction on the photo caption. The house is in the village, the ‘farm, really a plot of land is down the road outside the collection of buildings.

3 Responses to “Meeting the Ruggieros”

  1. artmodel Says:

    Alanna has a point. That’s beautiful!

    Great photo.

    Ti amo, mio amico :-)


  2. dougrogers Says:

    :-) I don’t speak any Italian – as a language – so I googled a translation, as simple as that was to understand. More googling turned up this:|en&u=

    I like it.


  3. dougrogers Says:

    Well, that didn’t work very well
    Try this:
    There’s a video about halfway down the page


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