100 insane cats

Well, that was a bit of an insane run. My 100 cats drawing project ran out of steam at around 80 pictures, and I decided, WTH, put ’em all up here and see what happens.

It pushed me over the hump, I think, along with getting a bit more proper sleep. Though only eighty or so have been put up, there are a few more than 100 in the ebook, and some that haven’t been seen here. It hasn’t been properly finished yet, and so hasn’t been submitted. I hope I don’t run onto some obtuse objection to it, like with the Ocean Views booklet. It was a distraction, too, to try and meet the unclear criticisms of that submission.


Naught to do but wait, at this point. My paid books account waits for approval. I hope to put up 100 cats for 99¢. Stay tuned cat fans. And huge thanks for all the likes, especially for the ones I thought were a bit unusual.

There will be a number of promo codes available. I’d like to distribute a few. How should I decide?


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