A little book of cats

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23273/The%20little%20book/22%20cats%20little%20book.pdf is a tiny pdf of the tiny book 22 cats, which is selected images from the 100 cats series.

9 thoughts on “A little book of cats

  1. Doug,

    Your comment above, and your recent series “state of the brain” make me wonder, what’s up.

    A concerned fan


    1. Oh, no worries. Concussion recovery, at best, requires you to do nothing more complicated than nothing for some time, and add tasks back that cause no symptoms. The most restrictive is avoiding screens: like computers, iPads, phones, games.

      Today, for instance was pretty good. It’s been a month now, but I still get tired at thinking too fast. I’m bicycling again, but I’m not driving yet.

      So much of the ‘treatment’ has paused the projects around the series, like the Zazzle store, and the Folio and prints.

      There are far worse cases than mine.


    1. Drawings and painting of cats are one of my favorite things. Quite a while back I had 3 postings of cat pictures that I made poems to, but heck if I can remember the month. But I do like cats!


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