Useless App about #ldnont

My comments about an app. Don’t worry, I didn’t pay for it.
Flashy animation credit. You should spend as much time on the design.
Under the About icon delivers just some boilerplate. The More Info pops up the wikipedia article for Toronto. D’oh. Maybe that’s where the granite cliffs are? Maybe you are thinking Limestone in Scarborough. Waterfalls are in Niagara Falls. Beaches in Grand Bend and Port Stanley. London, in the heart of SouthWestern Ontario, sat beneath a glacier for thousands of years. It’s remarkably flat.
Links to Google maps of selected locations, Yahoo weather. All stuff you can get elsewhere, downtown using the free LAWN WiFi on the Main Street and in Victoria Park, in Covent Market or any Starbucks
No mention of the underground art scene, street murals, the art gallery, the arena downtown, our theatre, the parks, or even our gem in the rough theatre Original Kids. Ask Ryan and Rachel about that. Not even a mention of historic Blackfriars Bridge, the icon for Paul’s production company. Or anything about our street murals.
Sorry can’t recommend this at all.
And because this was a free download from a promotion code, I can’t review this at the iTunes store.