Ideas Stuffed

January 13, 2014

Cheap and easy, high calorie food

Ideas Stuffed

I’d like to clear up one misconception right from the start. The usual suspects are eating more and moving less, but the truth is, since 1980, it’s been all about eating more.”
                                                                                    – Jill Eisen


2 Responses to “Ideas Stuffed”

  1. SM Says:

    So true! My first job, in the mid ’70’s in a restaurant, had several different sized glasses. The 4 oz for juice, an 8 oz for large milk, and a 10 oz for large soft drinks. I can’t recall the smaller sized milk and soft drinks, but it was likely 6 oz. Now you order a soft drink, in comes in a 16 oz glass with refills.


    • dougrogers Says:

      Part of that problem is the profit on the larger serving is larger. The cost of the glass itself, the cost of the service itself is flat. The bigger problem, touched on in the radio piece, is the built in efficiency of capitalism and subsidies spent toward reducing the cost of the growing and manufacturing the food and the increase of built in cheap calories.


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