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“I’m just curious if anyone here uses an iPad for any of their image work, like creating graphics and designs? ..but I’m just curious if iPads have anything to offer for graphic/image work or not. I’m a bit skeptical about it, but I might consider getting one if there’s any benefit for images and designing. “

Galileo Mug by samupress 
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The benefit is that it is always with me, and there is a full range of colour and tools that don’t make a mess. No spills, no water. This Galileo was drawn in situ in the courtyard of the Ufizzi. The Ariadne drawing was done inside the museum. I was within feet and inches of Ucello, Botticelli, and Monet, drawing and painting where cameras couldn’t go.

If you can draw, and work in colour, you can take this thing anywhere.

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