The Londoner Cartoons

Downtown London Ontario 1842

In this view of Downtown London in 1842, Wellington Street runs across the panel, south to North, Dundas Street runs into the frame, going west. The tree stump covered corner with sheep is home to bank towers, paving stones and metal trees. The stumpy patch on the right was the second City Hall.

Years ago I started this blog to post after publication, the weekly editorial cartoon I was drawing for The Londoner. Servers changed, links were broken. I  moved all the cartoons to the Flikr site. Links were broken. I moved all the cartoons from the Flikr site. In iPhoto, after pulling down the albums from Flikr, before they exploded their limits when some older albums were buried, Links were broken. I generated a lot of duplicates. Culling dupes I am discovering there are some older cartoons missing. I have all the original digital art on CD’s. Drives are gone. Apps are missing. I have found some to fill in spots, mostly in the really very loose Zeroman continuity.

I have moved the cartoons to on Google Drive.