A visit to Raphael’s place

From my sisters trip blog: Cotogne Torre:

I was a little disappointed with Raphael’s house. I was expecting it to be, well, a little more…. “Manger like”; you-know: humble; east-of-adelaide; poor kid makes a name for himself kind-of-place. Instead, it looks like his parents were doing alright and could easily afford to send their kid to art school. I expected a “struggling atmosphere.” Curious though it may be, I didn’t pay the fee to see the “Birthing room”, that seemed a little far fetched to me, instead, I persevered up the incredibly steep hill to the statue and park in his honour. If you ever come to Urbino, just ask for a copy of my pictures, don’t actually walk up this hill yourself. It is like scaling the side of a 10 story building without your spiderman outfit.