The CPC: sycophants or manipulators?

Stephen Harper peeing on Canada
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Something I can’t figure out, is that if the CPC can track down one teen girl from her Facebook page, and eject her from a Conservative rally, because she wore a Liberal pin in the Facebook photo, that they couldn’t vet the history of potential candidates who pee in clients coffee cups, or make prank phone calls and post the videos on YouTube.
Either the staff responsible for the clever untraceable hacking into the CPC voter database is in jail already, or have left the country, leaving the party incapable of any skullduggery. Not likely.
What’s likely is the party considered the urination into a citizens property well within bounds of acceptable behaviour – as long as you don’t get caught – what’s an election, after all, but a pissing contest – and that making prank calls would be good experience for calling voters and sending them to phoney polling stations.
They’ve shown us again and again that they are either incompetent sycophants or obsessively detailed, deviously clever manipulators.


2 thoughts on “The CPC: sycophants or manipulators?

  1. Harper should have run the files for the urinating handyman and the YouTube guy by the HR specialists on the selection committee that he features in his “Justin – Just Not Ready” ads..

    That reminds me: Is Ken Morgan still in Kuwait?


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