Old tuxedo’s wild dream

tumblr_o1j46xlhnb1v4puato1_1280There are some very nice apps. They all seem to be about 90% perfect.

The red in ZenBrush just wasn’t right. Too blood-like. The app needs more colour options. More like watercolour palletes: it can be limited. Zen Brush needs more colours, and I’d like an ink density about 80% black that leaves some transparency and can make black in two or three passes or pauses.

Auryn Ink could do with swiping a lot of ZenBrush’s abilities, interface, and very natural brushes. Just to give it a try again, I popped the image into Auryn Ink. It paints like gouache over background art, not transparent, and the brush as eraser is brutal.  Still Auryn filled in the background.

Then back to old faithful Procreate to slap in layers and textures. Dot texture from fooling around in iOrnament.

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