See that? It means Swipe.

IMG_6213 (1)

    You see that? It stands for swipe.

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2 thoughts on “See that? It means Swipe.

  1. My Reply:
    “Something the internet does really well is “just find” things. Anyone can write a bot that scoops images. Your whole store is so random that it’s clear that is what you are doing. The whole store is scooped and stolen images.

    That you ‘just find’ things is not the problem. That you appropriate and sell them them as your own is theft. That is the part you are actually responsible for as a person That is what is terribly terribly wrong and offensive.

    Just taking down my products will probably send me away, but the theft on your behalf likely won’t stop. That is the problem. That is what you must stop in order to be a decent human being.”


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