Shaving time

I probably would have stayed with the same brand. But it’s too difficult to match things up. I have two big brand name handles bought in the last year, because I previously bought blade cartridges that didn’t fit the previous handle I was using. Can’t find that handle.

Whenever my daughter comes home from college, useful things seem to disappear and strange cosmetics are left behind in trade. This time the strange cosmetic left behind was a facial scrub made from grape seeds. An abrasive to scrape off the skin, presumably leaving one more beautiful. This is why we shave, No?

So after buying cartridges from the big brand name company, to bring them home and find they don’t fit the brand handles, I bought a third handle for the cartridges for that second company, to replace the old handle I can’t find anymore.

So big brand name company manufactures various different, at least two that I now know of, connector systems for cartridges to handles. The cartridges I have don’t fit the handles, the handles I have don’t fit the cartridges. So I could buy a new handle from the big brand company to fit the second blade cartridges from the big brand name company. But.

My electric razor needs a new screen. I can’t find anything but a third party replacement screen and cutters for an outrageous price, almost enough to buy a new electric razor.

I need a new electric razor. Merlot facial scrub isn’t going to do the job, so I am going to buy a new electric razor. In the meantime I will browse lightly for companion handles, and companion blades for the small collection of odds and ends that will eventually get used.

But anyway, if women need an abrasive facial scrub, couldn’t they just make out with a guy who hasn’t shaved for a day? Probably would be less expensive for everybody.


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