We’re just a village.

People were outraged by a recent pronouncement that London was a village. It hurts because it’s true.I have always said London is a city that just can’t grow up. And that has a lot of subtle meanings.

Face it. London is a village. It’s really a whole bunch of villages trying to be a city. It’s a city first cut in thirds by two rail lines which force development along an east west axis when it wants to grow north and south to resorts and beaches, sprawling, venerating the historical car.

So you have historical communities along that central axis. Blackfriars west of the river downtown, Central london downtown, Lilly’s corners EOA London East, then east London along Dundas. South, then, SOHO, Old South, Wortley Village, and more, then North, Old North, University area, on and on and on. We call these neighbourhoods now. But they are villages connected by a series of roads, sharing a small town ideology refusing to see they are a city.

A city asks, a creative city asks, a world class city asks it’s artists, it’s creative’s, it’s skilled designers and planners for a creative world class solution to a problem and immediately throws a tantrum because creative forward looking solutions, gasp, cost money. So now we have a level crossing solution we should have had decades ago but wouldn’t build because it costs money. We demand the LTC do better, but won’t fund them adequately and then berate them for doing so poorly. We demand connection to the far flung villages but won’t build that solution because it costs money and screech because buses occupy road space.

We really need to grow up.


2 thoughts on “We’re just a village.

  1. There is already a city called London, in England why can’t you guys call yourself New London or Nova London to avoid confusion with the original London like New Orleans added new to the name to avoid confusion with Orleans in France?


    1. SWO is littered with villages named after bigger and better places elsewhere in the world. It’s very confusing. The witty folks @citylightslondn once said that we should call ourselves Londont. This has been adapted to LondOnt for LondOntLife.

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