So my eyes and brain hurt. Tell me why I do this, again?

The other cartoons I put up at LondOntLife were done quickly and briskly on my iPad2 Air. The Peanuts parody was another beast all together and took a good day of daylight, and few insomniacal arousals. Part of the problem was figuring out how to do things for the first time, and connect the workflows.

Deciding to dress Snoopy as The Vision, and a twitter reference to ‘watering it down’ snapped everything into place. Character references were searched on the desktop, because I needed the extra screen space to display them while I redrew the character on the iPad. (Paper by 53)

There are no suitable download-able comic page templates I could find. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, or dig deep enough, but I needed to get drawing. Swiped a pic of a peanuts strip and copied the layout when I realized Concepts could draw cartoon panels and specific paper sizes. So for the first time, I settled into the regular shape tools and figured out the tricks to assigning line thickness. Aligning things is tricky as moving the things by mm’s requires relatively clumsy finger adjustments.

Back to Procreate, where I could import the png panels art and place the sketches. Once again, setting a fixed paper size was useful. The layers were useful. I shared out of Paper to open those images in Procreate, but the process of bringing half a dozen sketches in one at a time, and placing them one at a time with the import icons and menus in Procreate was tedious. I had never used Procreate as an inking kind of place, so finding the suitable tool was new to me also. That took some time. However manipulating and the layout of the images was quite easy. Procreate however doesn’t do lettering. And my hand lettering is miserable. I tried.

I wanted flat 4-colour style colouring for the cartoon. The fill tool in Sketches was perfect. It provided tones for every colour, and filling with fingers left loose sloppy corners and overlaps that simulated a casual registration problem on a big press that was just too fussy to fix. Found and downloaded a Schulz lettering font. Shared it to the iPad. Sketches on the iPad does letters, but doesn’t read the font. Unless I’m missing something, but I wasn’t into searching for how to do it. Sketches on the desktop does not.

Okay, so I decide to open Affinity Design for the first time :-) knowing that the cartoon panels I previously did I did in Illustrator did lettering just fine. And that was just one panel with limited dialog.  But here again I was doing something somewhat complicated for the first time in an app I wasn’t deeply familiar with. But I banged away. Lettering and balloons done.

Somehow somewhere along the way, I saved or posted low resolution copies of the image. So I went back into Affinity and made certain I was getting something suitable. Don’t know exactly what I did, whether it was in Affinity, or Photos app, once again, back on the iPad, or the WordPress app, but got a better resolution image back up on the LondontLife blog.

Then last night, Twitter decided I wasn’t a nefarious Russia hacker trying to spam everyone and released the @Londontlife Twitter. So finally, all is good.

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One thought on “So my eyes and brain hurt. Tell me why I do this, again?

  1. Graphics app on IOS does regular shapes for panels, inking, lines and compound shapes for balloons. Aligns objects. Recognizes loaded font profiles.

    Discovered this just moments ago after reloading it again. Haven’t found a use for it otherwise. Couldn’t find a way to fix it into my workflow. But it covers the gap,of back and forth to the desktop.


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