Trying to invent the future when the past was perfectly good.

Folk continually delve into our past, now at , attempt to understand what went wrong, what went right, why and where and how. This post YOU WON’T BELIEVE THESE 10 BUILDINGS LONDON’S TORN DOWN! records a few remarkable buildings we’ve lost. 

And in an inarticulate cloud of thoughts, I wonder… a couple of times in our cities renovation history, multiple story, high density downtown buildings have fallen under plans for a rebuild of the entire block. Which fails. Dundas/Talbot and Ridout has yielded a monolithic dead street courthouse and an arena. Dundas/Wellington has given us parking lots and conventional office towers, once again with ghost sidewalks and streets of people and cars going somewhere else.

Why, what, in our civic psyche drives this impulse? 


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