Square up store up for real books.


I used my Square swipe doodad for the first time last year at an event at The Art Gallery for local authors to shill their books. I actually sold a few books. Really pretty swell. Meanwhile, Square has set up online storefronts. Eventually I got around to opening mine.

Every once in a while, I print a book. Usually, so far, a book of cat drawings done on the iPad. Collecting a few drawings every now and then seems like a good way to make the electrons more physical. Even as the ebook 100 cats plonks along on the iTunes Store, and 20 Monsters, still, incredibly, is not famous and is still free, I plug along printing things out of some childhood ambition and habit to make my art. In an attempt to broaden the audience beyond friends and family, and the occasional stranger, I have opened a Squareup shop where someone can buy a book. Check out this page and scroll about.

My books are printed in extremely small editions of twenty. All are 15.2 by 19.6 cm (6 by 7 ¾ inches) 22 page square-bound books. Likely not to be reprinted, or appear in a second edition run, they are, consciously, quite rare. Yeah, yeah, so they are Art Objects…Oooooh!…and a bit like a small personal gallery exhibition.

The books are $25. This covers, direct from me, shipping, handling, standard postage.

Here is The Square Store: Samupress

Because I have a few other titles sitting here. I expect I’ll put them up too, plugging along.

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