The girl with the pearl earring 2

I stepped over the little brass bar in the floor. Got a yellow card. Guard followed me from room to room for a bit.
Sat on the round couch and drew a few things.
There is a remarkable cityscape by Vermeer of some buildings and boats. I poked my nose too close, but it was remarkable to see all the dots he painted with, and the lens aberrations and shallow depth of field. I know there is suspicion he used camera obscura, and the obvious, when you know what your looking for, results on the canvas are evidence.
Still very remarkable work.
Outside, watching others look at the poster of Pearl, I knew, even across languages, what he was telling his companions about the highlight on the earring with a twist of his hands and a purse of this lips.

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One thought on “The girl with the pearl earring 2

  1. You mean ⅼijke when we sing reward songs in Church??
    Larry rquested and daddy nodɗed. ?Nicely I can make up
    a worship song.? So Larry jumped to his ft and began to make up a track to a really unhеaltһy tune.
    ?Jesus is so ϲool. Its enjoyable being with GoԀ.
    Hes the funnest Gοⅾ anybody may have.?
    Laarry ssang very badly so Lee had ρut his hands oveг his eaгs.


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