Theres only one taxpayer is not ideology, it’s math!

The chant “There’s only one taxpayer!” has come to mean “Me”, and, “Stop taking my money”. When Doug Ford says it, he means him, not you. When you say it, it means you, not someone else.

Let’s not forget it was some kind of “common-sense” wisdom started by those who wanted lower taxes and a trickle-down economy where those who no longer paid taxes would invest in jobs for others. Like that ever happened. The phrase has both lost its meaning and means what the [framer] wants it to mean. It’s nonsense now.

And there isn’t only “one taxpayer!”. There are hundreds of thousands who share the costs of services. Bulk purchases are always less expensive. That’s math.

Some of those who chant “There’s only one taxpayer!” have money. Some don’t. They are, however, all of them citizens who benefit from expenditures.

When Ford slashes government income – your taxes – by cutting taxes, a service cost shared between hundreds become your expense now. Try filling those potholes on your own.

A government which has no income, and no expenditures can balance a budget. Zero in = zero out. That’s math.

Hold up your end of the bargain. Take your tiny tax cut and start creating jobs already. Like that’s going to happen.

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