A speculative history of my Y DNA 1

Ancestry has done an update. Information in databases grows.

My Italian has dropped from 21 to 14 to 4%. Interesting. And I’m not going to go on all alarmed and screeching on Facebook about how they got my ethnicity wrong.

The earliest record for my family in Monteleone di Puglia is from the Napoleonic census, placing my earliest known male ancestor Stephano Ruggiero as born in 1720. Many persons also did not have formal last, or Family names either. Names were assigned. Ruggiero is a fadingly common name in the south of Italy. Ruggiero’s in neighbouring villages aren’t necessarily related to each other, familially , or even genetically.

My families traditional house is on the Borgo Nuovo. That means New Road. The village is medieval on the top of a hill dominantly in the middle of the ankle between Naples and the spur. The view is incredible. I sometimes think they chose the south-east side because they might have been looking home.

That Monteleone was once a fortress town or church is really un-assailable. Of course The Norman’s had a hold here. What does “new road” mean to a village a thousand years old? Were Ruggiero’s there? In a building and a handkerchief of a farm outside the town wall? When? There is easily 700 years we can know nothing about.

Ancestry’s ethnicity guesses seem to go no further back than about 1700. I’m only 4%? How many centuries does it take to be Italian? Whatever that means they are saying my DNA is not Italian. And that seems very true.

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