A speculative history of my Y DNA 2

The thing which twigged this genetic geneological historical research was discovering I held an ancient late Ice Age mutation. Discovering The Families of Savigno answered so many questions in one swell foop. The story handed down was that we had been in Italy forever.

This wasn’t completely true. How does one measure forever? That freely offered source stepped me back from family lore to 1700 for certain. But before?

Standard atDNA testing showed generally a broadly European genetic ancestry: Normans, Germanic, Danes, Franks, Southern European, Anatolian, Iberian. The dog’s breakfast of white Europeans. Breaking out the mtDNA and the the Y showed also just R1b shades on the Y to the Mediterranean, Southern and Eastern Europe, and J1c8 basically from Arabia to the north.

The mutation is heterozygous to the Y, so it is handed down directly from father to son, from like forever. I understand that women can also carry this, but i just don’t understand the genetics to know how. Yeah, I busted out and bought FTdna’s big Y. The results were mystifying, but things shook out. FtDna’s various levels offer matches to other testers, basically so you can find cousins and such. These are my results:


The column on the right is matches.


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