The year so far

Get put in charge of government. Yay. No more Libtards.
Implement laws making face masks illegal. Damned rioters.
Refuse Carbon Tax income distribution schemes that put money into your budget. Double down on digging tar out of the ground. Jobs jobs jobs.
Reduce taxes (eliminating your income source) to focus government on core services. Balance the budget because while profit is good, surpluses are evil.
Eliminate redundancies (backup systems) and accidentally poison the water through neglect. Eliminate costly spending on social services in the name of Efficiency. Fire nurses because they are expensive hula-hoop dancers. Cut costs by eliminating frontline workers.
Sell cheap beer. Sell cheap gas. Make tailgate parties legal. Celebrate your freedom from government interference.
Discover the only way to stop the plague is by shutting down the economy, enforcing and telling everyone what to do, resume spending billions of dollars on social supports. Borrow immense amounts of money to do so.
Recognize you’re at least smart enough to understand that your adolescent capitalist philosophy is incapable of dealing with this pandemic without killing everyone, and accept and follow advice from The Elites.
Take the praise that your doing a good job.

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