Sometimes you need to look up.

The answer might be there.


I wish I could be calm and quietly articulate about this betraying lying bastard.



Outrage and anger comes first. Funny, maybe, comes later.

The Modern Fascist Uniform


From left to right—well, ‘left’ only because the picture plane is flat…

  1. ________ _____
  2. ______ _____
  3. ___ _____
  4. ___ ____ __

100 cats are free!


What!??? Are you insane?

screen-shot-2012-09-06-at-9-54-24-amI have set free 100 cats worldwide. Not on sale, but free!

My ebook 100 cats on iTunes Bookstore is free worldwide. Except in America, Land of the Free™ where the .99 tariff continues, because the country is insane.

100 cats an animal art eBook with more than 100 cat drawings for your Mac iPad.


Having fun with brushes in Procreate.

A fairly restrained, maybe tentative use of a custom brush in Procreate. If you use the app, you can find that drip shape. Watercolour splotches are fun

An unrestrained use of that drippy chain brush

Working another brush where speed and light pressure produce big juicy blotches.

American Midwest road trip photos

Google AI seems to have done a pretty fair job on curating and editing these photos. I think I may have had a hand in some filters on iPad, but there is a consistent bright and saturated feel I think I didn’t have much to do with. Nice set of pics though.

What an unexpected surprise!


I felt like it was more a bit of incoherent rambling. :-) But I would like to emphasize that LondOntLife is intended as an outlet for local editorial cartoons, by anybody, because Merle Tingley’s presence and inspiration can’t be thrown away.

Ontario politics….

New books

I’ve set up a Square store for online book sales. All books are a limited edition run of 20. $25.00 covers all shipping, handling and other annoying stuff.

Check out It’s a LondontLife #1, a collection of local-to-london–ontario-canada editorial cartoons, and the latest cat drawing book, At least 22 cats

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 3.42.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 3.59.45 PM.png

A monstrous season

Predictions for the summer to come.

These undirected wanderings of mind and hand sometimes work out.

Politics! A cartoon

via Politics!

Mix, when it was run by Paper by 53 was a great little creative social site. Art was offered as jumping points for improvisations. The monstrous creatures in this cartoon were not drawn by me, but the first creature was offered by another contributor. The modifications are my riffs on the original artwork.

For the cartoon, I wanted anonymous silhouette-y images. But human shaped heads were too strong an indicator. I recalled these free improvisation jams and used the collaborated images.

Monthly, I participate in a comic jam at a community gallery. So inclined artists gather and run a kind of storytelling Exquisite Corpse comic page jam. In the sense I miss Mix, not having it does free time I indulged. It wasn’t a waste of time, I guess I’m trying to say, but not having it any longer to draw, does make time for other things, like drawing.

Mop nap 2

Hmmm… I think the colouring worked out well.

Shaggy mop nap

In Sketcha, using the ballpoint pen tool – far more scribbling than I usually do, but drawing her high highness’ shaggyness requires some different approaches.

Another power outage solution. Draw something.

What to do when the power fails