Colour in a black cat

Still looking to find colour in a black cat, when I have the occasion.

Today’s nap

Settling in for nap

Old man cat reflecting on his childhood

Cat with jacket

I tried a more careful drawing system, knocking in grey tones, and going in both directions. Results look about the same as a more direct approach.

Black cat on couch

Various filters apps and combinations.

Pumpkin! 2017

Existential chair

Cats and Beasts #15

:-) Yes, there is a cat in this scribble.

Cats and beasts #14


Cats and beasts #13


Cats and beasts #12


Cats and beasts #11


Ministers of the faith #10


There are a few fire and brimstone street preachers downtown. Unusual, and quite harassing to women and men who might choose to dress lightly, baring flesh for warm weather. I thought that with the Ministers series, I might work up a cartoon for LondOntLife jumping off the creepy ministers series.