Sunny days!

Sweetened up memory from a roadside photo. Waterlogue filter and layering different results from different sources in Procreate. Photo from somewhere in Iowa? 

Fountain pens!

!*~&$! Fountain pens!

Various filters over an original drawing of Tomas Fedora Ingrami via Raphael from the ever faithful Ufizzi catalog.

Sometimes the pattern makes sense.

Seth Godin, who has closed off comments (?) posted :

“What about endogeneity?”

Ask this question often.

Several times a day, at least.

Endogeneity is a fancy term for confusing cause and effect. For not being clear about causation and correlation.

It’s one reason why smart people make so many mistakes. We think A leads to B, so more A gets more B. While A and B may have been related in the past, though, it’s not at all clear that improving A is going to do anything about B.

Yes, the correlation with cheese and bedsheets is spurious.

Everyone who argues this seems always to offer some absurd correlation that is clearly nonsense, as though it refutes the whole case. It is a logical fallacy on its own. There was sufficient correlation to the pump and cholera to shut down the pump, without knowing the cause. Try a Google search for “pump and Cholera”  or Wikipedia . Sometimes the evidence is close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Perhaps that is the contra-point he is trying to make?

We are pattern seeking intelligences. Sometimes the pattern makes sense.

Try a Google search for “pump and Cholera”  or Wikipedia

Rapid Transit? All aboard!

Out with the soft, in with the firm. 

So happy to have a bunch of new firm pencil tips. Why can’t I buy these? I would. 

So my eyes and brain hurt. Tell me why I do this, again?

The other cartoons I put up at LondOntLife were done quickly and briskly on my iPad2 air. The Peanuts parody was another beast all together and took a good day of daylight, and few insomniacal arousals. Part of the problem was figuring out how to do things for the first time, and connect the workflows. 

Deciding to dress Snoopy as The Vision, and a twitter reference to ‘watering it down’ snapped everything into place. Character references were searched on the desktop, because I needed the extra screen space to display them while I redrew the character on the iPad. (Paper by 53) 

There are no suitable download-able page templates I could find. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, or dig deep enough, but I needed to get drawing. Swiped a pic of a peanuts strip and copied the layout when I realized Concepts could draw cartoon panels and specific paper sizes. So for the first time, I settled into the regular shape tools and figured out the tricks to assigning line thickness. Aligning things is tricky as moving the things by mm’s requires relatively clumsy finger adjustments. 

Back to Procreate, where I could import the png panels art and place the sketches. Once again, setting a fixed paper size was useful. The layers were useful. I shared out of Paper to open those images in Procreate, but the process of bringing half a dozen sketches in one at a time, and placing them one at a time with the import icons and menus in Procreate was tedious. I had never used Procreate as an inking kind of place, so finding the suitable tool was new to me also. That took some time. However manipulating and the layout of the images was quite easy. Procreate however doesn’t do lettering. And my hand lettering is miserable. I tried.

I wanted flat 4-colour style colouring for the cartoon. The fill tool in sketches was perfect. It provided tones for every colour, and filling with fingers left loose sloppy corners and overlaps that simulated a casual registration problem on a big press that was just too fussy to fix. Found and downloaded a Schulz lettering font. Shared it to the iPad. Sketches on the iPad does letters, but doesn’t read the font. Unless I’m missing something, but I wasn’t into searching for how to do it. Sketches on the desktop does not. 

Okay, so I decide to open Affinity Design for the first time :-) knowing that the cartoon panels I previously did I did in Illustrator did lettering just fine. And that was just one panel with limited dialog.  But here again I was doing something somewhat complicated for the first time in an app I wasn’t deeply familiar with. But I banged away. Lettering and balloons done.

Somehow somewhere along the way, I saved or posted low resolution copies of the image. So I went back into Affinity and made certain I was getting something suitable. Don’t know exactly what I did, whether it was in Affinity, or Photos app, once again, back on the iPad, or the WordPress app, but got better resolution image back up on the LondontLife blog.

Then last night, Twitter decided I wasn’t a nefarious Russia hacker trying to spam everyone and released the @Londontlife Twitter. So finally, all is good.

Tomasso working on his iPad considers what to do with his WordPress blog.

We’re just a village.

People were outraged by a recent pronouncement that London was a village. It hurts because it’s true.I have always said London is a city that just can’t grow up. And that has a lot of subtle meanings.

Face it. London is a village. It’s really a whole bunch of villages trying to be a city. It’s a city first cut in thirds by two rail lines which force development along an east west axis when it wants to grow north and south to resorts and beaches, sprawling, venerating the historical car.

So you have historical communities along that central axis. Blackfriars west of the river downtown, Central london downtown, Lilly’s corners EOA London East, then east London along Dundas. South, then, SOHO, Old South, Wortley Village, and more, then North, Old North, University area, on and on and on. We call these neighbourhoods now. But they are villages connected by a series of roads, sharing a small town ideology refusing to see they are a city.

A city asks, a creative city asks, a world class city asks it’s artists, it’s creative’s, it’s skilled designers and planners for a creative world class solution to a problem and immediately throws a tantrum because creative forward looking solutions, gasp, cost money. So now we have a level crossing solution we should have had decades ago but wouldn’t build because it costs money. We demand the LTC do better, but won’t fund them adequately and then berate them for doing so poorly. We demand connection to the far flung villages but won’t build that solution because it costs money and screech because buses occupy road space.

We really need to grow up.

Watching the world burn

Large hot orange cat with demented yellow eyes toys with the world
An insane animal is in charge of the world

Hey, Lorne Avenue, read this!

photo of June 25  2016  article
Where is Underwater Wonders?

Here’s the link to the online text:

London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

dark glasses with rearview mirror
Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.

Pre-Order ‘Hey Wendy Watch This!’

You might not believe that these stories are true but they are!

Life was full of remarkable adventure as Deb grew up East of Adelaide from 1955 to 1974. The book covers neighbourhood and school-time stories from EOA, Lorne Avenue School and Beck Collegiate. There are humourous stories and some not so humourous. My sister’s book recounts her adventures in the back streets, back alleys, back yards, sewers and rooftops,  and back parking lots where we grew up. Everything is true. I was there. And she dredged up memories I had forgotten.



Excerpt From: Debra Rogers. “Hey Wendy Watch This!.” iBooks.

IMG_6264“When I was tucked in each night, I could see directly into the living room, squarely viewing a much larger than me, black, wooden dresser which stood with its back pressed firmly against the opposite wall. It was a tall dresser with large bottom drawers leading up to two smaller drawers at the top. Each night I lay in bed, perfectly still and glared at the dresser before I fell asleep. Each night the dresser would glare right back at me and miraculously come alive as it lunged towards me. The top of it tipped from side to side, left, right, left, right, lean, lean, closer, closer, waddle, waddle, until its wheelie tipped toes stood itself squarely and boldly in the bedroom doorway blocking my escape. It leaned its head forward and directly over my head with the handles of the top two drawers glowing like Martian eyeballs inches from my face! At this point, each night, I would scream for mom with a petrified voice, “Mom, the dresser is getting me!” Mom would brush me off by yelling from the living room, “Oh Debbie it is not, go to sleep!”

Pre-order price is $10.00, plus GST (5%) and $3.00 shipping at

Four colour panel discussion at Tingfest

My stolen bike #ldnont


This is my freshly stolen bike. Some one for whom I have no polite words walked into my garage, removed the obviously unsanitary water bottle and took my bike. Why would anyone want to steal their grandfather’s bike is beyond me.

Bronze and black Trek 300 hybrid mountain street bike. New tires. New chain. New helmet. New seat. GoPro camera case and mounting bracket on the headset stem. Kryptonite lock on bike upright bar. Water bottle bracket. Large black canvas panniers with various gear: lamps, bungees, cable lock. Stolen new white helmet with lamp on back.

Stolen May 16th, 2016, sometime after 3 pm, and before 7 pm when we noticed it was gone. Likely about 4 pm by some covetous youth violating property and personal boundary rights after school. If you see anyone with a brand new sweet ride today, punch them in the throat for me.

Yes, Old South, London Ontario. I know it’s useless to share this all over the world, but the picture might help. Be aware. If you aren’t paranoid enough already, if you hear any anomolous noises around your house, check them out right away.

I have no idea why I have to type this twice. WordPress get your act in gear. I’m using the app, I pressed publish and update a number of times and no post .

Update: May 18 2016

Last Trek brand bike sold at Two Wheels was in 2004. This was on sale then and this, the last of the ones they had. The frame itself is therefore 12 years old. They have no records that far back for serial numbers. Checked our own receipts box from 2004 2005 and no paper.

The helmet is in the garage. Visually lost in the clutter and upset, it was carefully placed.

So the personal items were left behind. The helmet upside down on the pile, the water bottle placed upright on the garage floor. Am I guessing right handed? The helmet was hanging off the left handlebar. It was removed and placed over the bike onto a pile slightly behind the seat, so someone turned right to place it there. The water bottle is placed near the opposite wall, accessing the bike from the left side, likely removed by bending over the bike, lifting it out of the cage and placing it then on the floor, over the bike and onto the opposite side of the bike onto the floor, else it would have been in the way when exiting the garage. You need to be taller to do this.

So someone who didn’t need a helmet, 18 or over. Someone who was concerned the personal items were unsanitary or identifiable, someone being careful to not make any noise. Someone who has done this before. Not an impulsive theft, but yes, opportunistic. Maybe targeted.

There was a lot of upgraded gear and equipment, some new, a month or a week old.

Update: May 20 2016

Oh yeah. Police called yesterday morning before 9. Fast talker. Loud. Basically an advice and followup call. There’s little to nothing they can do without a serial number. I fully expected that, not a problem. And even as its a ‘high end’ bike, distinctive, it’s likely parts now, or in Hamilton. Even if I see it on the street though, make a note, take a photo, document and call, or confront all are options.

At my exhibition

Sitting at a table is boring. But watching people look at artwork isn’t really. Just loafing.