Watching the world burn

November 9, 2016

Large hot orange cat with demented yellow eyes toys with the world

An insane animal is in charge of the world

photo of June 25  2016  article

Where is Underwater Wonders?

Here’s the link to the online text:

dark glasses with rearview mirror

Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.

You might not believe that these stories are true but they are!

Life was full of remarkable adventure as Deb grew up East of Adelaide from 1955 to 1974. The book covers neighbourhood and school-time stories from EOA, Lorne Avenue School and Beck Collegiate. There are humourous stories and some not so humourous. My sister’s book recounts her adventures in the back streets, back alleys, back yards, sewers and rooftops,  and back parking lots where we grew up. Everything is true. I was there. And she dredged up memories I had forgotten.



Excerpt From: Debra Rogers. “Hey Wendy Watch This!.” iBooks.

IMG_6264“When I was tucked in each night, I could see directly into the living room, squarely viewing a much larger than me, black, wooden dresser which stood with its back pressed firmly against the opposite wall. It was a tall dresser with large bottom drawers leading up to two smaller drawers at the top. Each night I lay in bed, perfectly still and glared at the dresser before I fell asleep. Each night the dresser would glare right back at me and miraculously come alive as it lunged towards me. The top of it tipped from side to side, left, right, left, right, lean, lean, closer, closer, waddle, waddle, until its wheelie tipped toes stood itself squarely and boldly in the bedroom doorway blocking my escape. It leaned its head forward and directly over my head with the handles of the top two drawers glowing like Martian eyeballs inches from my face! At this point, each night, I would scream for mom with a petrified voice, “Mom, the dresser is getting me!” Mom would brush me off by yelling from the living room, “Oh Debbie it is not, go to sleep!”

Pre-order price is $10.00, plus GST (5%) and $3.00 shipping at


This is my freshly stolen bike. Some one for whom I have no polite words walked into my garage, removed the obviously unsanitary water bottle and took my bike. Why would anyone want to steal their grandfather’s bike is beyond me.

Bronze and black Trek 300 hybrid mountain street bike. New tires. New chain. New helmet. New seat. GoPro camera case and mounting bracket on the headset stem. Kryptonite lock on bike upright bar. Water bottle bracket. Large black canvas panniers with various gear: lamps, bungees, cable lock. Stolen new white helmet with lamp on back.

Stolen May 16th, 2016, sometime after 3 pm, and before 7 pm when we noticed it was gone. Likely about 4 pm by some covetous youth violating property and personal boundary rights after school. If you see anyone with a brand new sweet ride today, punch them in the throat for me.

Yes, Old South, London Ontario. I know it’s useless to share this all over the world, but the picture might help. Be aware. If you aren’t paranoid enough already, if you hear any anomolous noises around your house, check them out right away.

I have no idea why I have to type this twice. WordPress get your act in gear. I’m using the app, I pressed publish and update a number of times and no post .

Update: May 18 2016

Last Trek brand bike sold at Two Wheels was in 2004. This was on sale then and this, the last of the ones they had. The frame itself is therefore 12 years old. They have no records that far back for serial numbers. Checked our own receipts box from 2004 2005 and no paper.

The helmet is in the garage. Visually lost in the clutter and upset, it was carefully placed.

So the personal items were left behind. The helmet upside down on the pile, the water bottle placed upright on the garage floor. Am I guessing right handed? The helmet was hanging off the left handlebar. It was removed and placed over the bike onto a pile slightly behind the seat, so someone turned right to place it there. The water bottle is placed near the opposite wall, accessing the bike from the left side, likely removed by bending over the bike, lifting it out of the cage and placing it then on the floor, over the bike and onto the opposite side of the bike onto the floor, else it would have been in the way when exiting the garage. You need to be taller to do this.

So someone who didn’t need a helmet, 18 or over. Someone who was concerned the personal items were unsanitary or identifiable, someone being careful to not make any noise. Someone who has done this before. Not an impulsive theft, but yes, opportunistic. Maybe targeted.

There was a lot of upgraded gear and equipment, some new, a month or a week old.

Update: May 20 2016

Oh yeah. Police called yesterday morning before 9. Fast talker. Loud. Basically an advice and followup call. There’s little to nothing they can do without a serial number. I fully expected that, not a problem. And even as its a ‘high end’ bike, distinctive, it’s likely parts now, or in Hamilton. Even if I see it on the street though, make a note, take a photo, document and call, or confront all are options.

At my exhibition

May 7, 2016

Sitting at a table is boring. But watching people look at artwork isn’t really. Just loafing.

Images from Tingfest

Art from TingFest III 2016
Art from TingFest III 2016
by doug rogers


It can’t be helped or prevented. Here are some products with my images from TingFest III.

Napping on the table

May 2, 2016

The dining room table was cleared for a day or so. And we haven’t napped there yet. So it must be done.


I expect some of my readers will not be able to make it to LondonOnt for this exhibition. Here are the images.

Goofy sketchy cat

April 29, 2016

Being goofy in Sketches. I like the new pen. I wonder why I don’t use this app more often. Some nice watercolour tools.

These are four books specially printed for Tingfest. 20 Monsters is also available as a free ebook at iTunes, though this is a special limited edition print run of 20 for this exhibition.The remaining books are collections of editorial cartoons drawn for The Londoner, also limited run editions of 20 for the exhibition. Comics is multi-panel work, Cartoons is single panel work, and Zeroman is the collected serial and related cartoons of London’s tax-fighting hero.

Odd tuxedo on green

April 27, 2016

A Matisse-like cubism. Made with the earlier version of Tayasui Sketches. The new version has some interesting new brushes, and as I was browsing the gallery I noticed this, which seems a bit more interesting than when I did it.

I don’t pop into Sketches very often. Like most of the other painting apps, it seems a bit more choosy-delay at first. When one has the, really not so difficult inclination to sit and actually draw, many apps respond to that kind of, well, I’m going to sit down and make something now, kind of time. Rather like a sketchbook and a dedicated desk.

This isn’t a problem. Procreate and Sketches and so many other apps intend this kind of action. It isn’t a negative, but Paper, for instance, hasnt’t lost the spontaneity of launching into a useful space that responds to an idea-whim.

Interesting difference.

TingFest is on

April 25, 2016


Google it: tingfest. You are all invited

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