Watching the world burn

Large hot orange cat with demented yellow eyes toys with the world
An insane animal is in charge of the world

This is my spot


Maybe a little cheating using Procreate’s perspective grid. Well, for the couch anyway.

Calico on her rocker v.2

 Here we go. Final version. Mugs upcoming. 

Stop waking me up I’m trying to sleep


The digitizer on this iPad has some brain dead spots, it seems, where Pencil in Paper loses its brain. Either it’s Pencil, some sensitive coding in the app or the digitizer, or memory, or processor speed on this 3G iPad. So the black line work was done in Paper with the new fancy stuff turned off, and I dropped the image into Sketches to do the colouring. Easier than fussing with the non responsive digitizer.

I dropped a small! palm sized screwdriver from a very short distance onto the screen this last Spring. Must have hit just right. Cracked the glass. Had it replaced. The screen responds to all the finger based touches expected of it. It’s just very fussy about the centre when you want to generate fine or more specific stylus based interactions in a drawing program.

I might normally have tried Procreate for the colouring work. Wanted to see if I could use Sketches to insert the image. It’s light and quick, and if I wanted to play with filters or some more tricky layering, Procreate would be the choice, or maybe Pixelmator, which I haven’t used much yet.

Don’t yet like the tool and colour selection process in Sketches. Procreate requires a bit of back and forth and some planning. It doesn’t jump up spontaneously like Paper or Sketches. Even that has slowed somewhat on this iPad. Pixelmator’s brushes are a bit jerky on this 3G iPad. Not unexpected. And it seems also to be more menu driven, requiring a bit of stop and start in the process.

The cat responsible for Global Warming


Blue checkerboard cat flag in landscape


Where can I find your free ebooks and stuff? Hmmm?

I can haz free cat books?
I can haz free cat books?

I’m switching out stuff from Dropbox to Google Drive. The eight wallpapers I posted earlier have a new home, and all the free ebooks, cats and landscapes are also there.

The 100 cats (nearly 150 cats only $0.99!) ebook is still at iTunes, along with the also free ebook, 20 Monsters.

Poilievre’s opinion

“I never made such a gesture.” responds Pierre Poutine, in response to critics of the so-called “Fair Elections Act”.




XLZ11 Space Patrol

Next meme please

Here is something heart-warming for Christmas. Maybe I still have a Dexter hangover.

I think “Woof” is a perfectly good answer.


It’s best to just draw. Make some marks. Scribble some lines. Don’t edit. Don’t criticize, just make marks. Make it ‘better’ later.

Link and page updates

I updated the pages for the books, and corrected links.

An iBooks 2 version of the Cat book is up on iTunes at: It’s a free download.

An iBooks 2 version of 20 Landscapes IV is up on iTunes at: It’s a free download.

PDF’s at Dropbox:

20 Landscapes I

20 Landscapes II

20 Landscapes III


Ocean Views is a collection of digital sketches and paintings. Ocean Views is a free download, and includes two extra images that haven’t appeared in the blog post series, which you can download from DropBox

Siamese and bamboo


Ocean Views eBook lost at sea

Update May 8 2012 “Thank you for submitting your request to update your content. Your change request has been denied.”


Are there no hints? Suggestions? Guidelines?

The Ocean Views eBook can be downloaded directly from here.

Update May 24 2012 Alas:

Books must be of sufficient length or functionality. We encourage you to review your book concept and evaluate whether you can incorporate functionality, content, or both to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, books must not be intended for distribution to a limited audience (e.g., an organization or a family). For information on how to distribute your book outside the iBookstore, see the iBooks Author: Publishing and distribution FAQ (

Use the Dropbox download link.