The Modern Fascist Uniform


From left to right—well, ‘left’ only because the picture plane is flat…

  1. ________ _____
  2. ______ _____
  3. ___ _____
  4. ___ ____ __

His mind has always been free


So many of the images I’ve seen about the death of Stephen Hawking are basically about the wheelchair, and how now his body is free. I think it’s a bit of low hanging fruit really, compassionate, easy to grasp, literal, christian imagery. I think they all miss a deeper point, that his mind has always been free.

I was reminded of this image, an older cartoon of mine from 2013.

My kind of snowblower. Tesla should make these.


Yes, I have been busy with LondOntLife, clearing snow from sidewalks, and neglectful of this blog.


Bravo iPhone!

Three hours in a lily pond. In a cold lily pond.

Pulling down vines and branches and leaves from a roof over the back deck, I stepped off the ladder, missing the last step. I knew I would be okay as I fell across the garden plants. Comically, one shoe flew off my non-landing foot and arced over my head to the foot of the garden. Tucked my chin. Years of Karate paid off, but it was a Fail Video winner.

My hand landed in the small lily pond just over my head.

Not until a few hours later did I notice my iPhone 7 was missing. I do try to pocket carry it when I’m outside the house. Half a dozen intense walks around the house and looking through the years dead plants and leaves, out to the front walk, down to the end of the yard, through the garage, through the house, searching my clothes up and down. FindMyPhone told me it was somehere around the the house and it hadn’t walked away. Set up the FindMyPhone alarms and alerts.

Finally logging into Tile app on my iPad, I tracked it down. Getting used to the interface for the first time, and what the silly flashing menu meant, I edged ten feet here, ten feet there. The pond?

It was in the pond!

The damned cold needing-cleaning lily pond. Incredible, I reached in and on the first bloody try, grabbed the slick little rectangle. Dried it off, shook the water out of the lightning port. Tile-called the phone, and …

Damned if the screen didn’t come on and ask for the port to be plugged in. The phone battery was dead, likely from all the call attempts and alarm rings, which couldn’t be heard from underwater – from inside the house land line. Plugged the phone in and Oh! The little bugger works!

Nuclear war singalong

Never again

Never again will I buy a $75 miserable 300 megabyte international data package when a €20 30 day 4 gigabyte SIM card is available.

Paper periodically posts personal profiles

Paper by 53 periodically posts profiles of users:  today, I am honoured:

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 10.16.42 AM

Happy #Caturday!

Doug Rogers has created some of our favorite #madewithpaper cats and we thought today would be the perfect (purrrfect) day to share his #PaperProfile.

Doug hails from London, Ontario (Canada) and has been the stay-at-home dad in his family. He’s “always made art, cartoons, illustrations, signs, advertising art, caricatures, and comic strips.”

We asked Doug how he uses Paper and he said, “For fun, work, personal journaling images. Used Paper for final art images, and preliminary sketching. As others say, it’s the go to beginning. Fast to load, quick easy tools. And if you’re careful and meticulous, rare for me, capable of producing finishing art.”

When asked about Paper-specific projects Doug told us, “Paper was perfect for iPad drawing in museums where cameras and wet mediums are reasonably forbidden. It was a whole pocket paintbox. So I used it throughout a visit to Europe. And I was using it to redraw photos from a road trip where passing landscapes were photographed out a moving car window.”

Thanks Doug!

Four of Doug’s favorite drawings are below and you can see more of his work here:


A retro-future BRT solution cartoon


Man, that one took a while. The idea was percolating since the abandonment of the tunnel option from city council. Back burner and simmer, and an image will arrive from somewhere. A picture of the OddFellows Hall, demolished long ago prompted the retro-future imagery. Then some strange old images of old vehicles and imagined transportation showed up.

Waiting is sometimes the solution. And even if the solution we’re getting is the solution we should have had decades ago, it will be a while before we get around to actually doing anything, so meanwhile The Arctic melts, the lakes fill up, The Thames overflows, and there you go.

Now really, you don’t have to spend two weeks drawing a cartoon. I have the time to waste. You don’t. So draw a cartoon about London Ont, and submit it to LondOntLife

We’re just a village.

People were outraged by a recent pronouncement that London was a village. It hurts because it’s true.I have always said London is a city that just can’t grow up. And that has a lot of subtle meanings.

Face it. London is a village. It’s really a whole bunch of villages trying to be a city. It’s a city first cut in thirds by two rail lines which force development along an east west axis when it wants to grow north and south to resorts and beaches, sprawling, venerating the historical car.

So you have historical communities along that central axis. Blackfriars west of the river downtown, Central london downtown, Lilly’s corners EOA London East, then east London along Dundas. South, then, SOHO, Old South, Wortley Village, and more, then North, Old North, University area, on and on and on. We call these neighbourhoods now. But they are villages connected by a series of roads, sharing a small town ideology refusing to see they are a city.

A city asks, a creative city asks, a world class city asks it’s artists, it’s creative’s, it’s skilled designers and planners for a creative world class solution to a problem and immediately throws a tantrum because creative forward looking solutions, gasp, cost money. So now we have a level crossing solution we should have had decades ago but wouldn’t build because it costs money. We demand the LTC do better, but won’t fund them adequately and then berate them for doing so poorly. We demand connection to the far flung villages but won’t build that solution because it costs money and screech because buses occupy road space.

We really need to grow up.

London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

dark glasses with rearview mirror
Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.

A shaggy black dog

This is our childhood dog. His name was Scotty. Who knows why. He makes a number of appearances in my sister’s little commemorative memoir and biographical book about her life and childhood adventures in our neighbourhood East of Adelaide in London Ontario. Book and ebooks to come soon. There will be a post about it here when officially released, for sure, because it fits the theme of cartoon life. I drew a number of illustrations for the book.

With the close of TingFest, I’ll have to unstick those blog posts also, so they move along downstream. 

And honestly, I wonder again about how much I’ll continue to share here at WordPress. I have about 600 followers, and perhaps a half dozen hits a day. Not shabby. I have fewer followers on Tumblr and more response. I tried a special separate Tumblr to share only my pictures from. And my G+ personal profile is at about 500. Things got far too complicated with two Tumblrs, two Twitters, two Facebooks, G+ profile, collections and another Samupress page, not to mention pushing things from the stores to blogs to Wanelo and such. Medium is great for focused writing, of which I do very little, but do enjoy reading. Ello seems now like a very focused image sharing space.

 Incredibly, the G+ collection I set up to share artwork posts to has 10,000 followers with no work on my part, except to post images there. In some ways it seems like the way to go, to simplify the sharing streams. 

And so I periodically reassess this site. It was perfect years ago when the regular weekly editorial cartoon was posted. And having a lazy holiday Monday to sit around and just think about things comes along, well that’s a bit dangerous too. 

Shaving time

I probably would have stayed with the same brand. But it’s too difficult to match things up. I have two big brand name handles bought in the last year, because I previously bought blade cartridges that didn’t fit the previous handle I was using. Can’t find that handle.

Whenever my daughter comes home from college, useful things seem to disappear and strange cosmetics are left behind in trade. This time the strange cosmetic left behind was a facial scrub made from grape seeds. An abrasive to scrape off the skin, presumably leaving one more beautiful. This is why we shave, No?

So after buying cartridges from the big brand name company, to bring them home and find they don’t fit the brand handles, I bought a third handle for the cartridges for that second company, to replace the old handle I can’t find anymore.

So big brand name company manufactures various different, at least two that I now know of, connector systems for cartridges to handles. The cartridges I have don’t fit the handles, the handles I have don’t fit the cartridges. So I could buy a new handle from the big brand company to fit the second blade cartridges from the big brand name company. But.

My electric razor needs a new screen. I can’t find anything but a third party replacement screen and cutters for an outrageous price, almost enough to buy a new electric razor.

I need a new electric razor. Merlot facial scrub isn’t going to do the job, so I am going to buy a new electric razor. In the meantime I will browse lightly for companion handles, and companion blades for the small collection of odds and ends that will eventually get used.

But anyway, if women need an abrasive facial scrub, couldn’t they just make out with a guy who hasn’t shaved for a day? Probably would be less expensive for everybody.

How about a transit-run AI self-driving smart car system for #ldnont?

Hmmm, maybe a crazy idea. My retro future fantasy brain on a spree.

The city transit service could run a small fleet of AI Smart, small self-driving cars. Electric. We know they’re coming. A kind of car share system managed by a transit authority.

You could hire one over the phone or through an app then wait at a bus stop, get picked up, insert the credit card or prepaid fare card and be delivered to another bus stop. The end bus stop wouldn’t need necessarily to be on the limited route. The car system could freely cross routes, and choose the most direct route through the city.

Some kind of payment system based on zones, or distance? A flat fee? I suppose, more than a two dollar bus fare, less than a taxi. Buses already service stop to stop. Taxis would still have the advantage of door to door, wider service ranges, storage for hauling substantial items, perhaps luxury, and personal help when needed.

I see the self-driving car, here, as a solution to short hops, or buzzing around suburban areas where bus transit is a bit spotty.

What does this puzzling and outrageous IgG result actually mean?

Working through some confusion with information above my pay grade.

Is this in any way an odd or unusual result? What are typical or otherwise ranges for this measure?

The biggest difficulty is finding some kind of comparative scale and conversions.

The Gamma Dynacre blood test results show an IgG of 160 U/ml for Casein. I can find information that says 620–1400 mg/dL or similar ranges of 650 to 1600 to be normal. I can only assume ‘U’ is in mg, so, online calculators and converters yield 1600. On the high side, or just elevated above normal.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.36.27 PM.png

Otherwise 160 is absurdly low.

If I move the decimal… 620–1400 mg/dL becomes 62–140 mg/mL …. (?). So 160 would be high. The GD chart shows 24–30 as moderate, and 30+ in a logarithmic scale, as elevated. So what does ‘U’ mean as a unit?

Is this IgG merely a reaction to exposure? A residual response? Or an actual active live allergy.

IgG is first line immune response attacking foreign bodies – proteins – and coating them as markers for other antibodies to deal with. These things are just in the wrong place. IgG is a response to the presence of the protein. Doesn’t mean it’s an allergy. (?)


Total IgG versus IgG4 food allergy

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is classified into several subclasses termed 1, 2, 3, and 4. IgGs are composed of two heavy chain–light chain pairs (half-molecules), which are connected via inter–heavy chain disulfide bonds situated in the hinge region (Figure 1). IgG4 antibodies usually represent less than 6% of the total IgG antibodies. IgG4 antibodies differ functionally from other IgG subclasses in their lack of inflammatory activity, which includes a poor ability to induce complement and immune cell activation because of low affinity for C1q (the q fragment of the first component of complement). Consequently, IgG4 has become the preferred subclass for immunotherapy, in which IgG4 antibodies to antigens are increased to reduce severe antigen reactions mediated by IgE. If antigens preferentially react with IgG4 antibodies, the antigens cannot react with IgE antibodies that might cause anaphylaxis or other severe reactions. Thus, IgG4 antibodies are often termed blocking antibodies. Another property of blood-derived IgG4 is its inability to cross-link identical antigens, which is referred to as “functional monovalency”. IgG4 antibodies are dynamic molecules that exchange half of the antibody molecule specific for one antigen with a heavy-light chain pair from another molecule specific for a different antigen, resulting in bi-specific antibodies that are unable to form large cross-linked antibodies that bind complement and thus cause subsequent inflammation(16). In specific immunotherapy with allergen in allergic rhinitis, for example, increases in allergen-specific IgG4 levels indeed correlate with improved clinical responses. IgG4 antibodies not only block IgE mediated food allergies but also block the reactions of food antigens with other IgG subclasses, reducing inflammatory reactions caused by the other IgG subclasses of antibodies to food antigens.

In IgG mediated food allergy testing, the goal is to identify foods that are capable of causing inflammation that can trigger a large number of adverse reactions. IgG1, IgG2, and IgG3 all are capable of causing inflammation because these antibodies do not exchange heavy and light chains with other antibodies to form bispecific antibodies. Thus, IgG1, IgG2, and IgG3 antibodies to food antigens can and do form large immune complexes or lattices that fix complement and increase inflammation. The presence of IgG4 antibodies to food antigens indicates the presence of antibodies to foods that will not usually cause inflammation even though high amounts of these antibodies do indicate the presence of immune reactions against food antigens. Testing only for IgG4 antibodies in foods limits the ability of the clinician to determine those foods that are causing significant clinical reactions that are affecting their patients. The importance of measuring other subtypes of IgG antibodies is highlighted in an article by Kemeny et al. (17). They found that IgG1 antibodies to gluten were elevated in all 20 patients with celiac disease but none of the patients had elevated IgG4 antibodies to gluten.

… is from which, in a cursory reading, seems a bit of new age woo site (?), but this seems a clear explanation.

These are for the most part the most common allergens. Aren’t they rare however in a senior adult?

I’ve had allergy testing twice across two decades with no findings, and displayed, all that time, allergy symptoms. We chalked it up to some occult environmental allergen. My family doctor always tracked a slightly elevated IgE, a sign of a low grade chronic infection, viral perhaps, perhaps some kind of Liver difficulty.

On October 1st, I started a FODMAP diet based on the MONASH University app, and the sinus effects have subsided — aside from the dramatic lessening of gut symptoms. Merely diet? Yes, Allergies and Intolerances aren’t the same thing.

UPDATE: 12/17/2015 a kind of stream of consciousness poem.

If low stomach acid
doesn’t metabolize B12
Due to age and buffering medicines
Is that inadequacy also
failing to digest
gluten and casein proteins
Into amino acids?
Should these proteins be in the blood
That is what the immune system responds to
Proteins viruses bacteria.

Apparently Yes.

Another update 12/18/2015 

Regarding a Sunflower and Sesame seeds. It seems that yes, an errant protein is the provocateur.

Even as this post discounts the IgG testing procedure, those FlaxSeeds – something that I haven’t knowingly consumed in years, yet is on. My list of newly discovered sensitivities- in that otherwise Gluten free granola sure did a job on provoking by IBS for a few days.

Later that same day:
Is a good place to look for information on IgE food allergies and information on the sources of the allergy in specific foods.