My stolen bicycle #ldnont


Trek 300, Bronze and black. New tires. New helmet. New chain, New seat with black marker paint on seat post. Large black panniers with various gear: bungees, lamps, cable lock. GoPro camera case and mount on head set stem. Metal pedals with cleats. Kryptonite lock mounted on frame upright post.

Stolen sometime after 3 pm today, May 16, 2016, and 7 PM when we noticed. Likely in the afternoon, maybe about 4 pm when kids were out after school.

Old South in London Ontario. I know this is useless for anyone outside of this town, but the picture can’t hurt. If you know anyone showing up with a sweet ride brand new to them today, punch them in the throat for me.

They had some sense of sanitation becasue they so very nicely removed and left the water bottle.