First, a cropped image from Paper. Done with the Pencil stylus. 

 I wanted to experiment with Zen Brush, as I found my NomadBrush stylus. Zen Brush app has surface response where you need only lay down a flat fat finger for the tool to respond to the ‘pressure’ and draw full and fat strokes. The brush tempers the response to a more sensitive and smaller range of widths.  


Nice bit of scratchy back and forth using the Nomad. It’s nice to push and pull the tones in the Sumi ink style tools. And mixing the use of fingers and brush gives a range of thick and thin.


And a return to Procreate. I demonstrate two apps always when people want to see what I’ve done in the life drawings session: Paper for a quick response to drawing. The ten second poses, and up to about five minutes for the first one above. It’s great to flip quickly to a fresh page when the pose changes. The tools are quick reliable and accessible. The instant the pose gets longer or might take a bit more consideration, I go to Procreate. 

It is one, two three taps away from a fresh page.  There’s time in a longer pose as there are a few more choices to make about brushes and tools. The zoom is better, the brushes better, the textures better. I wish there was some some visual feedback on the toolbar about what brush I have chosen. Yes I know you can save favourite brushes to the faves panel, but it’s a couple of taps and slides away. I would love multiple brushes available along the toolbar.


April 2, 2015


April 2, 2015

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Little lost cat

March 28, 2015

Passed a 2 or 3 year old black Tom on the walk home. He seemed quite uncertain about where he was, but responded to a quick sit down talk about how he’d better get away from that busy street and find his way back home.

#retromatic Amber

March 26, 2015

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Reclining. Considering

March 24, 2015

One sketch from today’s figure drawing session at #ldnont Arts Project. Fresh, quick and a good likeness. In retrospect I enjoyed dropping in the big black charcoal by accident at the background, and just going with it.

Sleeping Cat

March 12, 2015

Steve was right. The main problem with styluses is that you are always looking for them. This one wasn’t under the cat, however, but merely misplaced – somewhat – beside the place where I usually put it, and so could not be found for a day.

I am working on seeing the shadows and stuff in colour rather than my long standing habit of black and white tones.  The iPad comes with all these capabilities built in. I built and upload a gif. They don’t seem to want to run.

IMG_4806 IMG_4805 IMG_4804 IMG_4803

Spock your money

February 27, 2015

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