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July 23, 2015

Flickr grabs whatever image I save and uploads it. Here is my Deep Dreamer image album at Flickr. I suspect I will periodically add whatever nightmares this Deep Dreamer app generates to that album.

Harper deep dream manipulation

You won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it

Deepdream 2015-07-22 22-00-44

The Mac app Deep Dreamer public beta has produced this terribly sad and frightening portrait of a black cat looking at something.  A pretty remarkable interpretation of a funny little drawing I made turned into a vision of some kind of existential despair.


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Oh, poor Jocelyn.

July 21, 2015

Here, a perfectly lovely drawing driven insane.

The hallucinogenic cyber intelligences at Psychic VR Lab have been busy this week churning out images from submissions. I sent some images through the web interface knowing they would be challenging, only because the imagery is so graphically unambiguous, leaving little, actually, for the algorithm to imagine.


I can hear that can-opener but it doesnt make me happy.


This doleful cat face is from a Mix in Paper. Someone posted the eyes, I drew the cat head. Interesting additions as the organic textures add an other-worldly psychic space. The ear seems an extra-dimensional point of contact.

Watch what you think. Watch what you say.

This is my own art. Was really about thoughts becoming words, words eating thoughts. It seemed a bit somber and doomy with that big black word balloon, but AI turned it into something really gloomy with all the eyes in the black all-consuming extra-dark Lovecraftian depression dimension.

I am your cat god! Give me your fish!

And here, a shedding calico cat drawing I wasn’t entirely happy with. Ran some silly filters on to grind some background noise. And now it’s a demented shedding calico cat god dominating a harbour. Makes sense.

Vocalist from Saltarello

July 13, 2015

The girl with the long braids from Saltarello singing. Saltarello is a Quebec band using a mix of instrumentation and vocalizations. Hurdy-gurdy, didgeridoo, native drums, keyboards, guitar, violin and stringed instruments, throat singing and chants, musical drone tones, and did I mention powerful and melodic drums?

Portrait of a Calico

July 10, 2015

The princess approached and sat long enough in a way similar enough, basically a left side view, that I could get enough reference. Sometimes you can make up stuff. Sometimes you want to be reasonably true to the patterns.

For me, the ideal self-driving autonomous automobile would be peddle powered to charge the battery.

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Final thoughts

July 3, 2015

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You know what, I get it that YouTube will run ads and targeted ads is a clever algorithm. But I’m avoiding this service recently. 

The political negative attack ads on behalf of Harper and the CPC show up every time. I know I can skip anything after the first second, and I do. Even then I have to pay attention for the first second. And all of the ads are pathetic in the first second. I know I’ll hate it even more when marketers wise up and realize they’ll have to deliver their content in the first second, and only the first second of a video ad.

But I still have to put up with the brain dead stupid partisan fear-mongering lies for that first second. So I am not watching YouTube at all. 

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