I have the box

April 8, 2016

Four cats. One box lid.

Tuxedo cat and paw

April 6, 2016

Okay. I think I got it.  A number of other in-process, well, maybe they were done, but, oh, I don’t know versions are viewable at samupressart Tumblr. All in various stages of goodness. But I think this one balances all the tricks quite nicely.

Tuxedo cat with paw.

April 6, 2016

I think this is maybe finally done. Procreate, Popsicolor, and bunch of other apps. Maybe not. That black is too…. too…… black.

Calico cat

April 4, 2016

Made with Auryn Ink. Silly, but it’s really odd having to wait for the paint to dry.

On the rocker

April 1, 2016

In my Gerald McBoing Boing style.

Ink tuxedo cat

March 30, 2016

Abstract tuxedo cat with tools, lines, filters tones and marks from numerous apps.

My allergy season begins

March 30, 2016

As soon as the rain in the Spring stops making whatever so heavy and knocking it out of the air, then when it settles into the ground and causes something to revel in blooming in the damp ground, I feel like this.

“What a lovely strange little drawing”, I’ll say to myself in a few years. Make a mark, just make a mark and something will happen. Get out of the way and just let it happen. Always a self-portrait.

Red islands red cloud

March 28, 2016

Once again, scraps, layers and experiments from other apps composited. In the style of previous abstract imagined landscapes as in my ebook series 20 Landscapes. Here is a preview on cartoon life http://ift.tt/1VWdYOS and http://ift.tt/1TV4eGw for the ebook collection on Google Drive

Interior in red

March 25, 2016

A collage composite image with bits and pieces of scraps and experiments from other apps. Deep Dreamer, Waterlogue, Sketch Hack, for that ladder-like brush stroke, and Procreate.

I want to go out

March 24, 2016

I feel better. I took my meds. And that other stray Tom is out there to beat up. So you have to let me outside. Oh, wait it’s raining. Crap. I guess I’ll stay in and bother you. Until I forget that its raining.

Holy double exclamation marks Batman!!

Another in the line of just-make-a-mark-and-see-what-happens images.

Organic scribble

March 21, 2016

…becomes, oh, I don’t always, sometimes ever, know, what these things mean. But they do, after a time, take on a meaning.

Blue tuxedo cat

March 17, 2016

Blue tuxedo cat. A wide variety of filters and apps. Paper, Etchings, Waterlogue, Procreate, Snapped. Some of the Waterlogged filters create quite nice accidents and bleeds.

Once again, just odd shapes and patterns, the odd shapes and patterns you see before knowing what it is you see.

Pop art style tuxedo cat

March 10, 2016

Ornamental background pattern from another app. Dropped into the background as a photo. Drawn over with pen and fill tool.

Yes, you can get far more sophisticated apps and multiple layers and filters. You tend to get wrapped up in using the tools and all the options. I will fool around in them sometimes with an image I’m not committed to, to see what destruction I can bring to it. Then something interesting can happen.

Paper forces quick and simplified results.


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