Trying some (?) disciplined approach to using the pencil tool in Paper. A strongly featured face is so easy to get close, resemblance-wise, let alone indulge all your own seemingly insignificant eccentricities and casual sloppy habits.

What? Who? Me?

January 20, 2016

Something ages old from Procreate. I was testing some integration from Paper, as I do like the fat pen tool, but Procreate has some nice chalks and charcoals.

Returning to it, it looked more interesting than I remembered. A few more charcoal smudges and it’s not too bad.

Just some more mystery fooling around. I make a mark and don’t know what it means. Then it becomes something.

A slab wall appears out of nowhere. Or is it a modern sculpture? That Henry Moore hole seems a clue. Or is this Serra? Well, whetever. Whoever makes this based on my design owes me tons of money.


Hi folks! The Heart of London App is now released for Android tablets and phones! This means it is available in both the Apple and Google Play App Stores! To find it in the Google store put quotation marks around it so it looks like this: “heart of london” If you don’t put the quotes you will get thousands of apps showing up. With the quotes it will be about the 6th one down. The download is much quicker on Android devices but wait for it to extract itself and sit for a minute before you open it. Karen, Doug and I had a talk today and our next app is now underway. I’ll start the script next week and filming will start in the spring!

Here is the Google Play link:

Here is the iTunes link:

The sleepers

January 15, 2016

via Instagram

Nicely passive aggressive

January 14, 2016

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The old and the young

January 14, 2016

One is 23. One is 19.

Something I rarely do is paint from a photo, but this scene was likely going to change quickly. So, yes, I traced over the photo for the figure and forms, otherwise completely digitally hand painted free form. No filters, no sampling.

colchrishadfield posts on his Tumblr: When children mail me their artwork, I always put it on the fridge. It creates a daily gallery of imagination, a reminder of purpose. And it brightens the kitchen. Thanks Emma!

Just some silliness.

January 13, 2016

Just futzing around with importing something into Paper. That patch of orange colour has been run through numerous filters. Anyway, this is also an experiment to see if this image, sized elsewhere will appear ridiculously larger than necessary here.

Hmmm, maybe a crazy idea. My retro future fantasy brain on a spree.

The city transit service could run a small fleet of AI Smart, small self-driving cars. Electric. We know they’re coming. A kind of car share system managed by a transit authority.

You could hire one over the phone or through an app then wait at a bus stop, get picked up, insert the credit card or prepaid fare card and be delivered to another bus stop. The end bus stop wouldn’t need necessarily to be on the limited route. The car system could freely cross routes, and choose the most direct route through the city.

Some kind of payment system based on zones, or distance? A flat fee? I suppose, more than a two dollar bus fare, less than a taxi. Buses already service stop to stop. Taxis would still have the advantage of door to door, wider service ranges, storage for hauling substantial items, perhaps luxury, and personal help when needed.

I see the self-driving car, here, as a solution to short hops, or buzzing around suburban areas where bus transit is a bit spotty.

Black cat on rocker

January 11, 2016

A quiet, dim corner, pale late evening light.

Hmmm…. is there no way to limit the size of images so they fit? Where is it?

UPDATE : The WordPress app provides a touch tap system to set a few fixed sizes. They don’t seem to successfully apply when updated. On the desktop through the browser, you need to use coarse large movement tools, like a trackpad or mouse to drag the corner of the image to overly precise scaling numbers. Neither tool works adequately.

The Heart of London climbs to the top:

We’re #4, We’re #4! You’re in for it now that I have another app posted… yes.. a plethora of daily reports about how it’s doing in the stores and its further development! Yesterday it was ranked Number 4 in Canadian Travel in the Apple Store. That’s pretty cool!

Not to mention the Rome Walkabout art history apps also available.

The reprimand

January 8, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.09.16 PM.png

We seem on a short run with posts about my sister. Here is a recent success on her behalf: another great tidy little walkabout tour app of our city, the river at it’s heart, and history.

The Heart of London app on iTunes and Deb’s web page about this app.

Deb in video narration is your personal tour-guide telling stories with historical details and and humour about London and some of the characters who contributed to its success and colourful history. Watch videos about Eldon House, Museum London, Thomas Talbot, The Battle of the Atlantic, Middlesex County Building, Labatt Park, Blackfriars Bridge and of course, London’s first hanging! Find out why London is called “The Forest City!”

A few other apps she has done include the art history tours of Rome.

Classical ukelele

January 7, 2016

My sister plays a short tune
Autocorrect corrects Ukelele to Useless. 😀


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