Lemon Aid.

Mistake! Loaded a reference photo and drew on another layer not realizing it screwed up the size and pixel density making the inking fuzzy from resizing. Should have loaded a page then added the reference. Also I could have resized the ink and copied over it for sharper lines. Live and learn.

Trump and Kim Jong to talk.

It’s the age of Big Hair Diplomacy

A more accurate nightmare I’ve never seen

Harper deep dream manipulation
You won’t recognize Canada when I’m done with it

The gang of eight: in charge of #ldnont









JoFoNoMo #jofo #ldnont


tonights caricature job

I don’t ever have a chance to photograph the work on these jobs. I grabbed the quick chance tonight.

Everyone was done up Hippy style, or period. The moustache was perfect, but a disguise!

Didn’t recognize him without the Afro.

That was really big hair.

Harper contempt

Harper as Calvin peeing on Canada

Peter Pinocchio


Stephen and Truth part two

Stephen Harper looks serious

From the Ministry of Truth, Facts and Re-lie-ability

Joe Fontana on salary increases for city council

Ilderton and London team up

Ilderton's Scott Moir, London's Tessa Virtue: 2010 Ice Dance Gold Medalists

London. Flat. Fast.

Christine Nesbitt goes real fast

Stephen Harper Prorogues!

Stephen Harper Crocodile Prorogues

harper-to-shut-down-parliament at The Globe and Mail.

the-short-parliament at Macleans.