Shaggy mop nap

In Sketcha, using the ballpoint pen tool – far more scribbling than I usually do, but drawing her high highness’ shaggyness requires some different approaches.


What to do when the power fails

How I’m seeing nowadays

Seriously, the head cold and the cough rattle your eyeballs.

Colour in a black cat

Still looking to find colour in a black cat, when I have the occasion.

Settling in for nap

It’s a world of dots out there!

In the What do Cats See series.

I’ve been playing with brushes in Procreate, and indulging my writers block, by just make a mark, any mark and see what happens mode, also. So there will be a string of unusual images over the next weeks.

Zenbrush cat with engraving filter


Zenbrush cat


Miss High Haughty, Queen of all Tuxedos


Miss fuzzy cat. Every once in a while I look out for a new way to render her magnificent shagginess.

Hello! Yes! Proceed! Oh, I don’t know. Goodnight.

I too could run the world if you would let me.

Watching the world burn

Large hot orange cat with demented yellow eyes toys with the world
An insane animal is in charge of the world

Napping on the table

The dining room table was cleared for a day or so. And we haven’t napped there yet. So it must be done.

Out at night

That Tom! I know he’s out here!

Now I have the box!

My turn

It’s like a condo timeshare.