Made with Sketches, the best drawing app for iPad!

It’s a good app, aiming in the same space as Paper by 53.

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Just say no to 0%

There’s a thread of an idea around this city that every incumbent city councillor needs disposal in the next election. Well, there are a few good ones, and there are some who need removal. The whole ‘throw them all out’ idea needs some sound second thought.

This is my contribution to that.

The #ldnont 2013 budget: Gang of Eight

Sandy White Joe Swan
Joe Fontana Dale Henderson Brian Orser Bud Polhill Paul Van MeerBergen Denise Brown

First: The images were treated in Popsicolor and brought into ProCreate for layering and painting. Two wonderful apps. Second: The images have a Creative Commons 3.0 Copyright. Third: It is surprising how partisan they have become with the addition of the red paint spots.

They said they could get four straight years of 0% tax increase without service cuts. Ain’t gonna happen.

The gang of eight: in charge of #ldnont









The Boulevards of Spring 2


Poking around with Procreate on the iPad.

Grey city walk

Walked from Klein Auto downtown and back. Stop at market, library, City Lights, here and there on a grey day. Aching city. Bare broken trees. Empty storefronts, vast lots waiting to grow up. Kids in vastly oversized clothes, hoods, looking like stick ghosts holding up sheets. Black guy with cap pulled over his face eyes deep in shadow on a day without sun and walking cocky, chin swinging left and right, with his head tilted back so he can see. Tattoo designer, black wool cap over his eyebrows and dark sunglasses sits in his shop window. Huge piles of gritty, sand covered snow waiting to melt. Waiting for colour.

Turtle on the Thames

On the floating grass mats…
A turtle catching some rays

It’s a wildlife downtown

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess


People, not deer threaten bog – report


For most of the past century, it’s been people, not deer, who’ve posed a threat to the bog environmentalists say is an ecological treasure and rarity in southern Ontario.

People drained the bog, flooded it, stripped its peat, cut its black spruce for Christmas trees, surrounded it with development and gravel pits and planted an invasive plant that’s likely its biggest threat, buckthorn.

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Clever beasts on the right track

Smart coyote at Western to hunt rabbits, squirrels or garbage

Monday night London endorsed a funding plan for a recycling centre approved last year before stimulus money fell through. Meantime, a coyote has been spotted along the river trails at the grounds of the University of Western Ontario.

A hawk in the treetop

At Wolfe and Wellington 1:39 pm Sunday December 13th 2009

Transit strike will cause delays

Christmas decorations and goods are in stores already!Creep

A precious gift for the future

In Jonathan Sher’s November 9th story Movin’ Along – about a city discussion about advancing a light rail transit system – Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell dismisses the idea the city should consider building a light-rail passenger service to stimulate development along rail corridors. Light rail, he said, is for cities with populations near one million, not smaller cities like London growing at a snail’s pace.

“Light rapid transit — our grandchildren can worry about that,” he said.

asphalt gift

The Van Meerbergen Mobile

In Jonathan Sher’s November 9th Free Press story Movin’ Along – about a city discussion about advancing a light rail transit system – Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen said city hall needs to focus more on maintaining and expanding roads already too burdened by traffic. “The belief that most families will use transit is not realistic,” he said.

roads equals money

Critics assail mayor’s seasonal footwear

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