How I’m seeing nowadays

Seriously, the head cold and the cough rattle your eyeballs.


A dark and broken cup

Just an unpleasant interaction. It’s over. It passes. We move on.

London’s vision prescription eyeglasses

dark glasses with rearview mirror
Only look to where you can see

Both Federal and Provincial governments are encouraging transit systems to move to electrical Light Rail Rapid Transit systems, as opposed to motor driven buses. They are providing grants of large amounts of money. Arguments in favour of Light Rail are rational, thorough, economical and farsighted. London city council voted to support only a locally, minuscule-y (and municipally) funded solution of a Bus Rapid Transit system, of more expensive, more diesel buses.


Impress is a new, free drawing app. I think the developer decided to take some very few elements from Paper and write the code. Sometimes things show up like they are ‘proof of concept’, or like they are an end of coding school project. Either the choices made here are deliberately restrictive and made by a designer, or fetishistically driven to oversimplification for interface clarity.

What I said in my G+ post:

Always a sucker for a new art app, I downloaded Impress, which I think is a coding school year end project. Extremely limited in terms of tools, insanely restrained interface. It’s worth a look, if you want a challenging drawing environment, and I mean that in a good way.

What I said in my iTunes store review:

This gets an A as a beginning, as a proof-of-concept, as an exercise in code and interface, as a senior class project, as an application to a coding job. As a drawing app, you immediately expect more, because there are so many other drawing apps that do more with more brushes and more choices. And actually one of the strengths here is this almost fetishistic restraint to oversimplify. If you’re looking for an app that makes your drawing decisions challenging, as in – how can I do this? – then this is a great app for adding discipline and challenge to your choices. The tools are simple and easy to understand. My only complaint is the decision to make the transparency slider so small. I need stylus to hit it.



Especially relevant if you are a Canadian, or paying any attention at all to our present political situation in Canada, where the governing party fantasizes its opponents.

There will be other rainbows to overcome

After watching the episode of Over the Rainbow, the sing off between Stephanie and Cassandra, it was clear that Cassandra’s glasses and bangs hindered her. Stephanie’s face was clear and open.

As much as the glasses and bangs are a brand that makes her stand out, at a distance it works. But they mask the display of information and emotion in the eyes and eyebrows, mark a border in the process of contact in close up situations, and especially with a panel of trained actors who, with their own cognitive bias, see, need to see, and have to be in that very contact space, even unknowingly, even knowingly and professionally aware, this is where they live, this is where the close up camera lives, and if it can’t get past the mask, it dies. This held back Jesse too, who could deliver a song, the mask of the hair bangs, hid the expression.

That Cassandra has such a brand, is a strength. But here, they are seeking a girl they can mould into Dorothy. For the longest time I couldn’t tell the difference between Danielle, Colleen, Stephanie, Jesse… On a large stage, busy with action they can be made into Dorothy with costume and staging. Could Cassandra’s brand be remade to fit that role?

A mystery plainly explained. There is no mystery.

Link shifting and connections


I will try to make this the last product post here. But I will spam this post with a few links :-)

The pages for the ebooks are still hosted here at WordPress. Links to those pages are in the menu of text links above. The image links to each book’s pages have been moved to the samu press blog.

I will manually post items from the samu press Zazzle store to that blog, and to the samu press Facebook page – which, if you’re a Facebooky kind of person could use a few Likes :-). The Blogspot blog allows JavaScript and Flash interactive widgets which are provided by Zazzle, and rotate through a bunch of product images, which is nice.

I had set up an @samupress Twitter account. I’m not so sure I need it. But I’ll keep it around for a bit. It might prove useful. What I do need to set up for here and otherwise is an About page. I’ll have to figure out what I’m about.

The state of my brain

The state of my brain comic

A phone call

Received a phone call this morning from an Indian accented tech support(?) person. Woke us up and he spoke too fast, babbling something about a viewer app and that I needed to go to my computer to fix something.

I don’t get very many phone calls from some stranger who knows my name unless they’re spam telephone call center calls. Least of all on a Saturday morning. So something doesn’t add up.

And seriously. You’ve just woken us up, you’re parsing through my tinnitus, you’re talking something about PC’s, you’re talking like my bed is on fire, and you’re speaking in an accent that spits over the information you’re trying to give me. Slow the fuck down.

So I go downstairs while the phone is ringing the third time, pick it up to a dial tone. I go to the Mac and search for ‘Viewer’, because that’s the only word I understood. Oddly, out of nowhere iCalViewer pops up a dialog asking for access to my contacts. I haven’t run iCalViewer in a dog’s age. Its not in Account Login Items. I find it in my apps folder and try to delete it. It’s open? It won’t delete? WTF? Activity Monitor. Make it quit. Trash it.


samu press on facebook

I am setting up a page for samu press at Facebook.  I’ll try to send most of the product based stuff to there. :-) Thanks!

UPDATE sept 25 2012 Of course the samu press blog page also features product and links to the samu press store at Zazzle.

Holy cats! 100 cats is live on the iTunes bookstore!

100 cats:

What a fast turnaround! I thought I would have some time to set up a page for the book before then.


Cool air on my head. It felt good. Gliding along on the wheels. The bike path ends at the bridge. I always ride up the last driveway to cross the bridge on the sidewalk. Take the previous driveway. It’s a change. There’ll be a little bit of exciting terrain on the boulevard, the grass, before the smooth sidewalk again.
A groove. A gap. A shoulder. A ledge. Sidewalk is higher than the grass. A very sharp shelf edge. It’s going to trap my wheels. Always wear your helmet, kids.

Sent with Writer.

100 insane cats

Well, that was a bit of an insane run. My 100 cats drawing project ran out of steam at around 80 pictures, and I decided, WTH, put ’em all up here and see what happens.

It pushed me over the hump, I think, along with getting a bit more proper sleep. Though only eighty or so have been put up, there are a few more than 100 in the ebook, and some that haven’t been seen here. It hasn’t been properly finished yet, and so hasn’t been submitted. I hope I don’t run onto some obtuse objection to it, like with the Ocean Views booklet. It was a distraction, too, to try and meet the unclear criticisms of that submission.


Naught to do but wait, at this point. My paid books account waits for approval. I hope to put up 100 cats for 99¢. Stay tuned cat fans. And huge thanks for all the likes, especially for the ones I thought were a bit unusual.

There will be a number of promo codes available. I’d like to distribute a few. How should I decide?

This is the weapon of the enemy…