Nuclear war singalong


Just say no to 0%

There’s a thread of an idea around this city that every incumbent city councillor needs disposal in the next election. Well, there are a few good ones, and there are some who need removal. The whole ‘throw them all out’ idea needs some sound second thought.

This is my contribution to that.

The #ldnont 2013 budget: Gang of Eight

Sandy White Joe Swan
Joe Fontana Dale Henderson Brian Orser Bud Polhill Paul Van MeerBergen Denise Brown

First: The images were treated in Popsicolor and brought into ProCreate for layering and painting. Two wonderful apps. Second: The images have a Creative Commons 3.0 Copyright. Third: It is surprising how partisan they have become with the addition of the red paint spots.

They said they could get four straight years of 0% tax increase without service cuts. Ain’t gonna happen.

JoFoNoMo #jofo #ldnont


Stephen and Truth part two

When Stephen speaks…


Truth arranges a meeting


Tony Clement on CRTC rate cap

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess

Joe Fontana on salary increases for city council

Artificial lifeform created

Something for 'Draw Mohammed Day."
Frankenstein cell
The villagers have come for you!
Mac/PC cell
Will it never end?


Harper stfu

Clever beasts on the right track

Smart coyote at Western to hunt rabbits, squirrels or garbage

Monday night London endorsed a funding plan for a recycling centre approved last year before stimulus money fell through. Meantime, a coyote has been spotted along the river trails at the grounds of the University of Western Ontario.

Stephen Harper Prorogues!

Stephen Harper Crocodile Prorogues

harper-to-shut-down-parliament at The Globe and Mail.

the-short-parliament at Macleans.

Split ’em while you still got ’em

Peter Mackay defends his head

Once again, our glorious government from Macleans: