Aaaargh. Is this another commercial?

I’m trying a Google+ Page for samu press, at:

Aside from the samu press blog, at which I repost items from the Zazzle store: and the Facebook samu press page, ( which really is a pain) and this cartoon life blog and my own Facebook page…and an array of others…  sheeeesh. What a shmozzle. It feels like too many lines in the water and it seems hard to differentiate them. As much as I want to NOT to be a pain in the eyes, and as much as I want to promote some products and the store, some will be culled.

I wasn’t built for this

20121022-170947.jpg Whew. Seems busy today. And it seems like a while since I’ve been drawing, or putting up stuff here. First, the prints are well received, and a few sales are made. The medium 22 cats books are well received, and a few sales are made. The small 22 cats books completely ran out, and I’ve a second set to distribute. They arrived today. Free is easy to take, and some have actually sold. The 22 cats folio of prints earned a $75 donation for Animal Outreach.

As I said elsewhere, the marketing is the most difficult and exhausting part of all this. Products at the store (and blog posts for them) don’t create themselves. Of any cat drawings I’ve done, the subjects look harried and alarmed. All the drawings in 100 cats are all really self-portraits. Even at rest,

20121022-172216.jpg they bear a visage of frantic psychic exhaustion.

I found the other day, that someone has borrowed an image for an illustration on their web page. Cool. And they properly link back. As it happens I had some of those cloud images set up for the store, and set up yesterday and today eight new mugs. Titling, tagging, blogging, all while watching five amazing young women compete on CBC’s Over The Rainbow, being astounded and distracted while they moved you so … Well, it’s probably better to do one thing at a time.

The medium size…

The medium sized 22 cats book measures roughly 6 by 8 inches, or 15 by 20 cm. It contains the same 22 images as the small 22 cats book which I distributed as a promotion piece. You can download a free PDF of the small book. The medium sized 22 cats book available from me is $25.00 including shipping and handling. There are only ten of them – a few strategically distributed at finer Über Cool shops everywhere.

The 22 cats book features a selection of images from the ebook series 100 catsavailable on the iTunes bookstore.

samu press on facebook

I am setting up a page for samu press at Facebook.  I’ll try to send most of the product based stuff to there. :-) Thanks!

UPDATE sept 25 2012 Of course the samu press blog page also features product and links to the samu press store at Zazzle.