Cat considers landscape


It's been a long quiet bit of time here. Been working out. Feeling a lot better, but that amongst other things takes up some time. All the testing after the stroke/seizure has been inconclusive really about any direct causes, but with lots of interesting peripheral findings.

The usual autumn tidying and winter prep for has kept me somewhat busy.

I will get back to more drawings from the Uffizi catalog. Banging into my clumsy “oh, no, I'm not not-Botticelli” drawing ability has kept me frustrated I'll get back to Flora, and make a decent drawing. I will.

So with this huge pause in mind, retrospectively, this drawing has much more meaning. I went back to my method, draw, make a mark, zone out and no criticism, only yes, only accepting what comes out. Shape it.



Cat clouds snow on a landscape

Cat clouds snow on a landscape

Sometimes a number of things come together in a way to make something you haven’t seen before.

Looking back 1 v.2

I think I fixed the composition problems from the first version. Looking back on Vernazza in the Parco Nazionalle de Cinque Terre, Italy.

Hey, I’m #68!

Okay… it’s a special, obscure category. Arts and Architecture. Not even in the pop-up menu in iTunes. Of 184 top free books in Art and Architecture. Number 68 and number 88 in top free books in Art and Architecture. But they are there. Way cool. And they are complete books, not samples.

8 white paintings

I’ve been engaged in a protracted push, pull, leading, following, yielding, gouging, scraping, sanding, layering since the last post and now these 8 panels are done. All are 24 by 38 inches acrylic on masonite.

The landscape exhibition #20

A silk road

The landscape exhibition #19


The landscape exhibition #18

Yellow moon

The landscape exhibition #17

Cold beach

The landscape exhibition #16


The landscape exhibition #15

Keware danda

The landscape exhibition #14

Rolling hills

The landscape exhibition #13

Arizona red rock

The landscape exhibition #12

Marble Plain

The landscape exhibition #11