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The cult of the illusion of choice

At the No Frills, the Corn Flakes were difficult to spot. The display was all messed up. There were twenty or so boxes scattered about with Best Before dates of Feb 2013, but one last one with the Best Before date of March 2013.

66 ThanQs will give you a 30 meg download of  this PDF book of a selected set of Qs for the Jian in London Campaign is 74 Q images inspired by contributing to this campaign.

A queue of Qs in London

Some folks have started a media and Twitter campaign to bring the CBC show Q, and radio host Jian Gomeshi to London to do a broadcast. I thought I would make a bunch of Qs on my iPad and post them to the #jianinldnont twitter stream.

I had intended that I would create an image, tweet it and delete it. Some drawing apps have direct to Twitter connections. Otherwise the process required exporting to iPhoto app and tweeting from there. Well, of course photo stream caught every new import and backed them up anyway. Then iPhoto app starts to balk at connecting to Twitter – other apps connected just fine. Maybe Twitter, or the photo service decided I was spamming? Who knows. So now I pull the images from photo stream and have to tweet them from my Mac.

@3oh6 view full profile → decided to collect them to a Flikr stream. So i am now also sending them to mine, and sharing them with Bring Q to London Ontario! So, ironically, I have to back them up in order to share them.

Use these images freely.

Update December 7: is 74 Q images inspired by contributing to this campaign. I’m certain ?) all the images are still on Flikr, but only 44 are displaying.

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess

Freeziepop and Zeroman battle Taxcess

Joe Fontana on salary increases for city council


People, not deer threaten bog – report


For most of the past century, it’s been people, not deer, who’ve posed a threat to the bog environmentalists say is an ecological treasure and rarity in southern Ontario.

People drained the bog, flooded it, stripped its peat, cut its black spruce for Christmas trees, surrounded it with development and gravel pits and planted an invasive plant that’s likely its biggest threat, buckthorn.

Deer posts here at WordPress at cartoon life

Earlier cartoons at Flikr on deer

Clever beasts on the right track

Smart coyote at Western to hunt rabbits, squirrels or garbage

Monday night London endorsed a funding plan for a recycling centre approved last year before stimulus money fell through. Meantime, a coyote has been spotted along the river trails at the grounds of the University of Western Ontario.

Ilderton and London team up

Ilderton's Scott Moir, London's Tessa Virtue: 2010 Ice Dance Gold Medalists

London. Flat. Fast.

Christine Nesbitt goes real fast

Waking up heartbroken

meaghan smith

I had the great delight of waking up to Meaghan Smith a few days ago, to a delightful little song called called Heartbroken. I love the Swing beat and the old time cartoony feeling in the instrumentation and her warm clear voice. I could see her singing with Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys. At this point I’m ready to buy the album.

Then the CBC announcer says the voice and the girl is from London Ontario. Whoa! That is worth looking up:

I grew up in London, Ontario, Canada. We couldn’t afford cable, so to avoid doing homework, I occupied myself with other activities, like drawing and singing. And with three (mostly fuzzy) TV channels to choose from, I ended up watching a lot of animated movies and old musicals.

And with her parents deeply into music of all sorts, that just goes to show that London, the creative city is once again a most fertile middle-class backwater where things are safe to bloom. But to blossom, yes, we need to go elsewhere:

I opted to go to school for animation in pursuit of my drawing,… I graduated from college and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a job in animation. I also decided to tackle my fear of the stage, and began to play shows locally.

Well, that certainly warrants a post at cartoon life :-) Here is a page of vids at Youtube and her MySpace page with more songs and another interview at LAist and a video with her own animations.

Trees kick butt!

Trees win in urban growth battle Continue reading

They Were an Item

They Were an Item #88

From one of my regular blog reads:

If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,
There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats

Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.


A precious gift for the future

In Jonathan Sher’s November 9th story Movin’ Along – about a city discussion about advancing a light rail transit system – Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell dismisses the idea the city should consider building a light-rail passenger service to stimulate development along rail corridors. Light rail, he said, is for cities with populations near one million, not smaller cities like London growing at a snail’s pace.

“Light rapid transit — our grandchildren can worry about that,” he said.

asphalt gift