Here’s the pics:

And here’s North America. London sits neatly in the middle of the Great Lakes Triangle in South Western Ontario.

New Shorelines. SWO remains dry.

And here’s why London Ontario needs a Performing Arts Centre: All those people driven inland from rising oceans and aggressive shorelines will have to go somewhere. And when they get here, they’ll want something to entertain them.

Ghost trees of #ldnont

September 4, 2013

Pen Equity, a developer from Toronto has completely bypassed the usual, legal, agreed-upon provincial environmental approval process and won approval from the job hungry, sprawl friendly city council of London to build a mall on the 401 highway interchange outside the city, on environmentally significant woodland and wetland.

A few years back, a developer worked with the city to erect a number of brightly painted metal trees as urban art to celebrate our historical brand as ‘The Forest City’.

Whenever a cyclist is killed, near cross-able train tracks, or some busy road where the cycling infrastructure is miserable, someone erects a ghost bike, painted white.

I believe the city should embrace the thinking and monetize it, rather than pretend to be in any way environmentally responsible. Make some money off these suckers. In this light, I offer these:


A new slogan: ?”Where there’s sprawl or a mall, we were there!”


The trees can be set singly, or as a group to suggest that ‘forest’ feeling.


And the trees can be set on wheeled bases to facilitate groupings in select locations.


Rather than retail jobs, the local economy needs manufacturing jobs. Every real living breathing tree removed can be re-manufactured into six complete Ghost trees. This means jobs!, people! The market for these will be quite substantial.

Just say no to 0%

March 27, 2013

There’s a thread of an idea around this city that every incumbent city councillor needs disposal in the next election. Well, there are a few good ones, and there are some who need removal. The whole ‘throw them all out’ idea needs some sound second thought.

This is my contribution to that.

Sandy White Joe Swan
Joe Fontana Dale Henderson Brian Orser Bud Polhill Paul Van MeerBergen Denise Brown

First: The images were treated in Popsicolor and brought into ProCreate for layering and painting. Two wonderful apps. Second: The images have a Creative Commons 3.0 Copyright. Third: It is surprising how partisan they have become with the addition of the red paint spots.

They said they could get four straight years of 0% tax increase without service cuts. Ain’t gonna happen.

JoFoNoMo #jofo #ldnont

November 24, 2012


Hole’s Notes

November 21, 2007

5 jokes about the downtown sinkhole Read the rest of this entry »


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