The March Wind


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The economy dogs

The crocodile deer solution

This oughtta’ fix up Storybook Gardens!

Deer on The Ark

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Orser Zeppelin

Fears a proposed plant that would turn methane into electricity could explode are “mildly alarmist,” Continue reading

Goldfish camouflage

A goldfish disguised as a deer, because we don’t kill those.

Animals on the street

Deer in Sifton Bog are back in the news with pressure again to implement a cull to trim the severe overpopulation. Poor Bud weasels out with a plea that he just can’t be the one to kill Bambi. What will his grandchildren think?

Here are the deer cartoons from previous years from the set at Flickr.

Harper Nail Gun Power

Stephen leads the revolution! Build those decks! Sod those lawns!

Orser Simpson Bacon

Orchestra Pit

Wouldn’t you know it! Those people are spending money on something I don’t think is worthwhile. Taking applications for Money Managers!

More Sketchies

Bits and pieces from the slow news weeks


At last, a way to keep that New Years’ Resolution

Digging in, digging out

Father Time and New Year Baby digging out.

Three Spirits

On Christmas Eve, PM Harper is visited by three spirits a la Dicken’s Christmas Carol

Proroguerie The Science

How does this prorogue thing work anyway?