The beach at the North Sea at Wassenaar

Is it really so unusual for a person the have never seen a tide? I thought, as I sat and watched the waves lick farther and farther up the flat that, yes, really, I had never seen a tide before. This was a gentle one. Holidaying children from various parts of Europe played in the shallow wash. I took off my shoes and walked in the North Sea.


The old man as a young man

Two museums, two really intense museums in one day. So, no, they didn’t hang this cockeyed.
I’m certain there are people who know how to look at things. And no one really objected to me standing in front of this without earphones and an audio guide. I stepped away politely when someone urgently needed a few seconds for a needed photo to help them remember remembering seeing it briefly through an eyepiece some years earlier when they want to recall it. "Oh! I have a picture of that!"
Is there something more real? more actual to stopping for a half an hour, drawing, reproducing, and then seeing this here?


At my exhibition

Sitting at a table is boring. But watching people look at artwork isn’t really. Just loafing.

Mr senior tuxedo sleeping again.

Mr 19 year old tuxedo cat sleeping.

Portrait of a Calico

The princess approached and sat long enough in a way similar enough, basically a left side view, that I could get enough reference. Sometimes you can make up stuff. Sometimes you want to be reasonably true to the patterns.

The ideal self-driving car

For me, the ideal self-driving autonomous automobile would be peddle powered to charge the battery.

Final thoughts


Calico on her rocker v.2

 Here we go. Final version. Mugs upcoming. 

Cat on her rocker

abstract calico cat
On her rocker

Maybe needs a bit more fussing. I’m thinking I might try to take out the black cat outline.

Captain Cosmo Cat sends a selfieĀ 

Captain Cosmo Cat

I am reminded again of the rule I have been neglecting. Make a mark.

Nine cats

is it hot here? Or is it just me?

Some fooling around with Papers new tools. Here, the earth poses for and ponders a question.